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One of the great benefits of running my own business for over a decade and spending four years as Head of Marketing at a digital agency is that I don’t just know how to write great copy. I also fully understand how to create great content strategies and implement them across multiple channels. Those channels include social media platforms, and as a result, it’s great to get a client like Plann, who specialise in social media marketing. Their expertise lies in social media, and they need people with writing expertise to pen their blog posts. However, they also need writers who genuinely understand the strategies needed to make great content perform. I have loads of fun writing blog posts for Plann, and delving into the nitty gritty details of what you need to do to actually make money on the likes of TikTok and Instagram. I don’t tend to share tips and insights of this nature on The Write Copy Girl – it’s not what my audience comes to me for, and I don’t offer social media marketing services. As a result, it’s pretty cool to team up with a brand like Plann, allowing me to share that side of my expertise while delivering all the awesome content they need to make their own marketing work.

The Best Part About Being A Blog Copywriter For Social Media Experts

When I first started writing for Plann I actually switched from the social media scheduler I’d been using for about three years and started using Plann myself. And no, that wasn’t because they game me a discount or free use of it. I paid the same as everyone else, and was quite happy to do so. They have a free trial available, and I’d taken advantage of this so I could familiarise myself with the functions and features of the scheduler. I originally intended to do this just for the free trial, but on using it I actually found it had a ton of features that were really useful. The best of these is a visual planning function that allows you to create blocks for various types of content, line up your strategy, and physically see what it will look like on your feed for Instagram. I absolutely loved this, and decided to switch from the scheduler I had been using to Plann. Sometimes when you’re working with a new copywriting client, you actually discover a product or service that you need, want, or already get from someone else and realise your client does it better.

I love it when that happens!

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“I consider Hazel a vital extension of our content team. She’s reliable, talented, and provides sound advice that levels up our content efforts. Working with Hazel not only simplifies my life, but it gives me the confidence that our content is in good hands.”

RC Victorino, Density

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Looking for someone to work a little hoodoo wordsmithery and black magic and create awesome content that showcases your social media expertise? If you offer social media marketing services, have a social media-based SaaS, or simply need content that explains what social media is and how you can market yourself and your business on it, I can help. I’m available to hire as a blog copywriter for social media gurus, marketing agencies, and other businesses in the social media sphere. Feel free to snoop at other projects I’ve completed, and once you’re convinced I know my shit (I do, but I get it, you need proof of that), get in touch, and we’ll start working that voodoo…

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