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The Wellness, Eco Tech & Recruitment Writer...


After a couple of hobby blogs started while I was still at university caught people’s imagination, and more than a few people approached me about ghostwriting blog posts for them, I started freelancing and the dream I’d always had of writing for a living became a reality.
Five years on I’ve worked with many wonderful clients and written blog posts on some incredible things, from the finer points of the mermaid lifestyle, to the intricacies of creating boutique grappa. Yet time and again I’ve gravitated to businesses in a few key niches, and brands focused on the health and wellness of their clients, or putting the increasingly genius technological advances humans are capable of concocting to work for the environment rather than against it.
If you’re all about saving the planet or the people in it, we totally need to talk…

A Bit About Me And The Wordsmithery

One of those hobby blogs covered my personal journey with bipolar disorder, leading to work with the BBC and an unquenchable zeal for the creation of health-focused content. I know first-hand the power a great wellness brand has when it comes to transforming lives. I love nothing more than crafting the perfect voice to inspire that change, and seriously high-quality content to help people on their own journeys.
Here’s the thing, I’m also a self-confessed Geek with a minor obsession with sci-fi. Consequently, I’ve always had a fascination for all thing tech. Marketing my own business digitally allowed me to indulge that obsession and has frequently led to me writing for some fabulous tech brands. From ERP systems to cybersecurity, cloud solutions, hosting companies and more, there’s little I love more than Geeking out and translating a great brand’s tech talk into genius copy that sells the hell out of their stuff.
The only thing better than a lovely tech client is finding a company that gets that fabulous tech working for the betterment of the planet. As a consummate vegetarian and aspiring vegan I’m always delighted to find new ways eco technology is working to clean up our oceans, generate renewable energy sources, and generally making the world a better place.
The funny thing about working with so many businesses is that I also developed a real knack for articulating the needs of a lot of different industries. This very naturally led to me taking on a some big projects in the world of recruitment, helping successful brands craft their voice and position themselves as thought-leaders in the recruitment industry.
So if you’re an eco warrior brand on a mission, your business is all about caring for your clients’ health and wellbeing, or you’re a genius recruiting agency, and you need a passionate writer obsessed with crafting killer content marketing strategies, get in touch, or check out some more details of what I can do for your niche…

Health & Wellness

You need a writer who is truly passionate about health and holistic wellness. Who understands complexities like the vital link between gut health and mental health. A wordsmith able to effortlessly explain the benefits of everything from breathwork to watsu, and inspire your audience to master their Mayurasana. To help you craft a unique brand voice, a vibe that perfectly resonates with your ideal clients…

Eco Tech

You're an eco pioneer saving the planet through revolutionary clean technology. You need someone with the technical savvy to understand the intricacies of your products and services and translate your tech talk into language that informs, educates, inspires and entertains. A writer who's as passionate as you are when it comes to coupling innovation with integrity and transforming the world with green technology…


You're a recruitment agency helping companies find the perfect combination of phenomenal talent and charismatic leaders, and candidates land the job of their dreams. You need a writer who can navigate the complexities of HR and IR35, while establishing your position as thought-leaders capable of finding individuals with the perfect mix of skill and savy, using your own unique style of recruitment...

6 Random Facts You Don’t Need To Know

(But I’m Going To Tell You Anyway…)

I have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named after a serial killer.

I have four tattoos and counting…I expect there to be more very soon.

When I’m not telling stories about business, I’m spinning fantasy yarns as an author of Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy novels, and an editor on Sci Fi Fantasy Network.

I have a Fire Hand and enjoy getting my tarot read.

My greatest claim to fame is that I once met Sir Terry Pratchett, and he let me wear his infamous hat.

In a past life I was an archaeologist and lecturer at Bangor University. I have a BA (Hons) and MA in Ancient History and Archaeology, and Celtic Archaeology, and a certificate in teaching. I’m currently still trying to finish my PhD thesis exploring gender dynamics in late Iron Age and early Medieval Britain.