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Hazel Butler is the Content Marketing Queen for soulful entrepreneurs with vision who are looking to transform their creativity into cash. Her book, Divine Blogging, offers a fresh and innovative roadmap for using soul-centred content to attract a dedicated tribe of ideal clients, and create a wildly successful freedom-based life and business.


Divine Blogging is a revolutionary method that taps into the psyche of your ideal client and delivers the content they want and need, converting them into raving super fans addicted to your passion, products and services. Hazel helps women to crawl inside their ideal client’s head, see what makes them tick, and create high-quality, high-value content that naturally enchants exactly the right people.


A bestselling author and entrepreneur, Hazel is transforming women from stressed out, struggling creatives into abundant boss babes free to live life by their own design.


Who Is Hazel Butler And Why The Wordsmithery?

Hey, gorgeous,

Welcome to The Write Copy Girl where you will find everything you need to harness the epic power of Content Marketing to build a powerful freedom business based on their creative talents, without the nasty hard-selling sales tactics that can make entrepreneurship so draining and stressful. Divine Blogging is a unique method that runs entirely on soulful selling, creating a community with genuine value for your ideal clients and naturally leading them to buy from you, see you as the go-to expert in your niche, and happily recommend you to others. 

Sound good?

Think of me as your personal muse.

Not because I’m a voodoo witch (that would be far too exciting), but because my methods are largely based on my classical education in archaeology, mythology and history, and my experience as a fantasy author. All that knowledge and passion for storytelling got mixed up with my business brain when I became an entrepreneur. The result was a rather unique strategy: The Divine Blogging Design.

Divine Blogging is the content marketing strategy that made everything possible for me, and it draws heavily on two core concepts: psychological archetypes (handy characters who help you understand your ideal client), and corporate storytelling.

The world runs on stories. Some modern, some ancient, all powerful. My approach to content marketing is that of the mythical storyteller.

I don’t just write blog posts for my clients. I tell stories for them, and teach them to tell stories for themselves.

Those stories just happen to sell stuff through the alchemical magic of wordsmithery: transforming words into gold.

Whether you need me to hop on my magical spinning wheel and create that money-making content for you, or you prefer to learn to the craft for yourself, you’re in the right place…

Once Upon A Time…

Entrepreneurship isn’t a career path one accidentally falls into. It always starts with a story; an inciting incident that inspired you (or forced you) to be bold, brave, forge your own path, create your own success and the freedom you craved.

My story begins (as the good ones always do) with an awful lot of melodrama, when undiagnosed bipolar disorder collided with a very unhealthy relationship with my former fiancé, who decided setting the house on fire was a spectacular plan.

I’d worked incredibly hard up to that point forging a career for myself in archaeology, studying an undergraduate degree, followed by a Masters and two years of field work before earning a scholarship to study for my PhD. My papers were getting published, I’d completed a teaching certificate and was lecturing at Bangor University while I studied, and life really should have been perfect. Instead I found myself alone, broke, and thoroughly broken, living in my mum’s spare room, my life and the majority of my possessions in literal ashes. I was too ill to complete my PhD or continue teaching and, unable to find work in a struggling economy, spent over a year on Job Seeker’s allowance.

It was the most demoralising, soul-destroying experience of my life, Fortunately it didn’t last too long…

Fast forward a few years and I’d transformed that spare room at mum’s house into the hub of a successful new business. I’d published a novel and a handful of other stories, paid off thousands in debt, bought a new car, moved into a new home with Dexter, my trusty hound, and was steadily earning more each month.

Creating a business that allowed me complete independence and the freedom to work while still managing my illness was the key to rebuilding my life. Following my creative passions instead of a the version of success society repeatedly told me I should be striving for was utterly liberating. Not only do I earn more now than ever before, I spend my days doing something I love – something I happily continue in my free time because I simply can’t get enough of it. Released from the enormous pressure and stress of academia I’ve found a more balanced way to work, giving myself the time and space to kick the bipolar into touch and ensure i remain stable, happy and healthy.

Now I Help Other Women Create The Same Freedom…

Writing had always been my guilty pleasure, the reward for successfully getting all the other shit done. As I was recovering from my illness it also became a lifeline that completely transformed my perception of life, the world, and myself.

When I first setup my business in 2013 I fell into the trap that ensnares a lot of fledgling entrepreneurs: I made my business about what I thought people would buy, instead of doing what I love.

You don’t get paid to do what you love, right?


Entrepreneurship is a tough gig. Everything rests on you (at least initially), there’s huge pressure to find and retain clients, market, market, market, build your brand, grow your business…

Keeping up with the day-to-day tasks that come with a business is a Herculean task. It requires innumerable skills, a caffeinated IV drip, and a time-turner to simply keep things running, let alone find the energy for creativity and growth.

When I started out I had no money to invest in marketing, yet the more I learned about marketing, the more I realised marketing doesn’t hinge on money, but high-quality, original content.

Long before I wised up to the whole ‘make your passion your paycheck’ lark, and started marketing my writing skills, I was putting them to work by blogging to market my other services.

In the absence of money for advertising or marketing, my ability to create great content was all I had, so I made it all I needed.

The successful business I created, which got me out of debt and my mum’s spare room and into the happiest, healthiest version of myself I’ve ever known was built with nothing but content.

I learned to spin my words into gold, and started doing the same for my clients.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the blogging services I offered rapidly became my most popular offer and required me to do the thing I loved best: writing.

In 2016 I shutdown the business that rebooted my life and launched The Write Copy Girl, focusing exclusively on offering blogging and content marketing services to entrepreneurs looking for the same kind of success and freedom I’d achieved.

6 Random Facts You Don’t Need To Know

(But I’m Going To Tell You Anyway…)

I have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named after a serial killer.

I have four tattoos and counting…I expect there to be more very soon.

When I’m not telling stories about business, I’m spinning fantasy yarns as an author of Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy novels, and an editor on Sci Fi Fantasy Network.

I have a Fire Hand and enjoy getting my tarot read.

My greatest claim to fame is that I once met Sir Terry Pratchett, and he let me wear his infamous hat.

In a past life I was an archaeologist and lecturer at Bangor University. I have a BA (Hons) and MA in Ancient History and Archaeology, and Celtic Archaeology, and a certificate in teaching. I’m currently still trying to finish my PhD thesis exploring gender dynamics in late Iron Age and early Medieval Britain.

What’s Your Story?

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