For additional information, please see my FAQs.

General Terms & Conditions

Project work will usually be accompanied by a full contract detailing the terms and conditions of your specific project. However, certain terms apply to all work completed by The Write Copy Girl:

  1. All content produced by The Write Copy Girl remains under the copyright of The Write Copy Girl until payment has been made in full. At that point, copyright passes to the client, and they become the sole owners of the content.
  2. All content produced by The Write Copy Girl is edited and proofread to ensure the highest possible standard. That being said, mistakes may occasionally occur. We are more than happy to correct any errors found in your copy after the fact and assure you every effort will be made to avoid them, but it is impossible to guarantee 100% perfection.
  3. While every effort will be made to ensure accuracy, and we are more than happy to collaborate with legal and professional individuals to check facts etc., responsibility for the accuracy and legal ramifications of the copy lies with the client and not The Write Copy Girl.
  4. Projects require a 50% deposit before work commences, with the remaining 50% billed eight weeks from the date of the deposit or upon completion of the work, whichever comes first.
  5. Payment plans are available for certain services and on request. These plans are for fixed terms which cannot be changed, cancelled, or amended once they have been agreed upon.
  6. Retainer contracts are for fixed periods of 6 or 12 months, with costs spread out across the course of the contract. Despite this, the bulk of the work needed for certain elements of the work – for example, keyword research, strategising and content plans – are completed at the start of the contract. As such, retainers cannot be cancelled before the end of the agreed-upon terms, nor can the work involved be reduced. While adding additional services or content is possible, it isn’t possible to reduce it as work will already have been completed towards the full term.
  7. Recurring work that is billed monthly on a rolling contract can be cancelled at any time, with 30 days’ notice. We are unable to cancel recurring payments in fewer than 30 days.
  8. Time frames depend on the prompt provision of the required information, swift replies to correspondence and requests for feedback. Delays on the part of the client may result in the delivery of work being delayed. Please be aware we work to a schedule, and it is not always possible to simply push back your work by the same amount of time you delayed. A delay of several days on your end can potentially lead to a substantially longer delay on ours as the time blocked off to complete work will have passed, and we cannot delay other clients’ scheduled work to fit yours in. If a delay occurs on our end (i.e. due to sickness), we will complete your work as swiftly as we can, prioritising each client in the original order they appeared in the schedule.

Refund Policy

The Write Copy Girl does not offer refunds on any completed work due to the amount of time and skill required to produce the work. In the highly unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the copy produced for you and the fault lies with us, we will either continue to work on it until you are happy, or produce something new in its stead.