Freelance Copywriting Services

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Looking for freelance copywriting services? Maybe you’re searching for the perfect website copy to ensure the hub of all your digital marketing is slick, seductive, and search engine optimised. Perhaps you need regular blog content or thought leadership articles to feed your content marketing machine. Or you’re after a genius copywriter to pen newsletters that will sell the shit out of your products. Whatever brought you here, finding the right copywriting service is the foundation of any direct marketing campaign or business strategy.

Copywriting is a delicate balancing act. You need a writer who can nail your tone and knock it out of the park every time. A freelancer who understands your style can effortlessly convey your subject, all while positioning you as an expert and ensuring every word actively helps get you found.

My freelance copywriting services deliver consistent, top-quality content that speaks your ideal client’s language, grows your tribe, and drives results.

Blog & Article Copywriting Services

If you’re serious about ranking on SERPs and building an audience, you need regular blog content. That could be in the form of short, snappy, SEO-driven blog posts that are easy on the wallet. Or you may opt for longer-form articles that take a deep dive into your topics, deliver incredible value and pack a bit more of a punch in terms of search engine optimisation. Hiring someone to do this in-house is expensive. Relying on an existing staff member or doing it yourself when you’re not a professional writer will hinder your results.

My blog and article copywriting services are designed to be as flexible as possible. You can select the length of post that suits your goals (and budget). You can also choose between a bundle of content that can be used as and when needed, or a monthly retainer that delivers on a fixed schedule. All on a freelance basis that keeps your costs fixed, predictable, and under control.

Can’t see exactly what you want? Get in touch, I’m more than happy to put together a bespoke package or work to the specific needs of your project.

Lead Magnet Copywriting Services

When it comes to sales, having an engaged email list of ideal clients is gold dust. I have one client who regularly drives £4-5K in sales just by sending one email to her list. You might assume that list must consist of tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, but they currently only have c.6K subscribers.

And they pull in thousands in sales every week, just by sending an email.

If that sounds like THE DREAM, and you’re desperate to have a list you can launch to, and sell to on a regular basis. you need an effective way of consistently growing your email list. Lead magnets are the most effective way of doing this.  My honest advice if you’re looking for a powerful lead magnet is to create a video mini-series. Video is, hands down, the most powerful form of content going at the moment. A mini-course is more likely to engage your subscribers and convert them into clients, simply because it is an easier format to digest that, say, an eBook.

You have to find time to read an eBook. A mini-course you can listen to while you’re doing the dishes, as you’re working out at the gym, or in the car while you’re driving. In the modern world of limited attention spans and overloaded schedules, video is your best friend. But, if you’re more of a traditionalist and favour eBooks, or you’re looking for a monetised lead magnet that will not only grow your list but generate affiliate income even if your subscribers don’t become your clients, I have options…

Website Copywriting Services

A website is more than an online business card. It’s greater than the sum of its blogs. The humble website is uniquely positioned to do so much more than tell people who you are and what you do. That’s one of its (many) functions. But it’s not its purpose. For the animus of a website is to go beyond the simple mechanisms we have come to associate with a site, and create for you a HUB of activity. It’s the destination of all your hard-won traffic, the focal point of your imaginatively crafted advertising campaigns, the nexus connecting all your social media activity, and of course, the place where people actually hand over their (equally) hard-won cash. Underestimating the potential power of a website is where most businesses go wrong. They have one for appearances. For the sake of having something to ‘point people at’. And as a means of hosting necessary information, they assume most people will find uninteresting.

This is not how I view websites.

No. They are portals to possibility. When created well, they have the capacity to attract swathes of new customers, scale your income, boost your profits, even create new revenue streams and sources of entirely passive income.

But they’re not going to do any of that if they’re badly written, poorly optimised for search, and fail to hook your audience and compel them to purchase. Far from being an afterthought, your website copy has the power to make or break your business. You need to craft a coercive brand voice that effortlessly establishes your expertise, engenders trust, and gently encourages your audience to buy from you.

And in the event you don’t have the time, inclination, or expertise to do that, you need my website copywriting services…

When it comes to writing copy, you need a certain flair, a particular panache. It’s not for everyone. And it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to handle all your copy needs for you. My copywriting services run the gamut: from individual taglines to designing, crafting, and implementing complete content marketing strategies (that’s my speciality). On this page you’ll find my big hitters – the types of copy I write more than anything else. I’ve packaged them up to make it easier for clients to access the content they need the most.

There’s plenty more I write beyond the blog posts and the articles, website copy, sales pages, lead magnets. Need someone to ghostwrite your book or eCourse? I’m your gal. I’ve been working as a professional copywriter and content marketer for over a decade. I’m here to help refine and develop your brand voice, to bring your content into alignment with your target audience (so it perfectly resonates with them), and your business goals (so you hit your sales and growth targets).

The specifics of the copywriting process vary depending on the project. Generally speaking, however, you can either place an order for one of my fixed price packages, or we discuss your needs and objectives and agree on a plan and a price. If needed, I’ll ping you over a contract to check and sign (this is a standard agreement that’s always open to discussion if there’s anything you’re unsure about). This is usually only required for bespoke retainers or projects. If you’re purchasing a fixed-price product or service through the website, you agree to the terms and conditions when you purchase, and no contract is needed.

Once we begin, I’ll ask you to send me any specific notes or ideas you have. If you don’t have any, don’t worry – ideation is part of the job! From there I’ll complete all the keyword research and planning required. I’ll outline the content required, and complete a draft. You will receive drafts via GoogleDocs as a live document you can comment and make suggestions on. We will work together on this document to revise the draft until you’re completely happy with it. I will then give a final proofread and pass it on to you or the team member responsible for uploading it. Or, if uploading is part of our agreement, I will do this myself.

This will very much depend on what I’m writing and what my schedule is like at the time. Generally speaking, I have a 1-2 week turnaround on blog posts and articles from the point of order. If you’re ordering a large number in bulk some will take longer to complete. Website copy usually takes longer, particularly if I’m working on a full website for you rather than a single page. If time is a factor I always recommend contacting me before ordering online to check my current delivery times. Work is put into the schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. If I have a lot of big projects on it can take me longer to get to you.

The other factor that will affect delivery time is the amount of research required for what I’m working on. If in-depth and/or technical research is needed to familiarise myself with the subject, it will take a little longer.

Whether you’re ordering directly through the website or speaking to me ahead of arranging work, I will always let you know when you can expect to receive your copy.

Nothing really. Arguably, a copywriter is writing with a pure marketing focus. Content for sales pages, landing pages, product descriptions, anything that is sales-driven could be regarded as ‘copywriting’. Content writing, on the other hand, would be geared more towards providing informative, interesting, entertaining content that delivers value, rather than compels a sale.

I tend to use the terms interchangeably since content marketing is still – ultimately – designed to market a product, service, or personality. Copywriting may be more on the nose about it, but the function of the two services is essentially the same. There is a place and a need for both in any business, so why hire two people when you can get everything from one?

What you will find, however, is that not all copywriters have experience – or interest – in writing high-value content. They may specialise in copy, rather than content. The opposite is also true. In these cases, there is a difference, as a specialist in one may be unwilling or unable to do the other.

I’ve spent years doing both so I’m quite happy doing one, the other, or a combination of the two 🤷

This is a great question. There are massive benefits to hiring both a freelance copywriter and a digital marketing agency. The short answer is, choose the option that best aligns with your objective. If all you want is exceptionally high-quality copywriting or content, finding a skilled copywriter with plenty of experience and an impressive portfolio is usually the best option. Not all digital marketing agencies are set up for content. Many are geared more towards lead generation, advertising, PR, and the non-content elements of SEO. They may have someone on staff who can write, but it’s not on a par with a copywriter who spends their entire life doing nothing else.

If you’re looking for a more sales-driven service, like PPC ads on social media or Google, a digital marketing agency is going to be the better bet. Most copywriters have little if any experience of running PPC campaigns, even if they write a lot of copy for them! Likewise, if you’re looking for the creation of an entirely new website you’re going to need someone to design, build, and host it. Again, freelance copywriters aren’t generally prepared or skilled in these areas, so an agency would be the better choice.

That being said, don’t discount the option of using BOTH. You may want to find an agency to run your campaigns and manage your website, and a wordsmith capable of perfectly encapsulating your brand. They shouldn’t have any issue working together on their respective areas of expertise. Incidentally, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency, I highly recommend Acrylic Digital.

Absofuckinglutely. There is ZERO point in uploading any piece of content to your website – and even to your social media, to some extent – that hasn’t been effectively optimised for search. Every piece of content I create is optimised using the latest tactics and methods, with the most recent algorithm updates in mind. I may be a pen monkey, but I spend a good chunk of time working on SEO. If you have an in-house SEO person/team I’m more than happy to tailor the content I create to whatever needs they have. If you don’t, I’m more than happy to research what’s needed for you.

The optimisation of your copy is always included in the price, so please don’t worry about paying extra for it to be optimised. The only time I’d ever charge a fee for SEO specifically is if you wanted me to work on optimising existing content, rather than writing fresh copy.

Which do you want me to write in? I’m a native Brit so my default is UK English, but I regularly cater to the requirements of folks across the pond, be they American, Canadian, or across the other pond in Australia and New Zealand. I’m sorry to say I do not speak any other languages (unless you count very rusty Latin and passable Klingon!), but if you’re in need of English content I’ll happily tailor it to the country of your choice.

Part of my role is to spend quite a bit of time developing your brand voice so it is authentic. For some clients that means writing like a Texan native, or a pure Valley Girl, for others as if I were the Queen herself. You will find it takes a little longer for me to refine a more complex ‘regional accent’ but I’m more than happy to put the work in if that’s what will resonate most powerfully with your ideal clients.

In whatever way is most convenient and least stressful for you. If you’re local to me I’ll happily do it in person. If not – or you prefer – video conference, phone call, or email are all perfectly acceptable. I have more than a few clients who scribble a brief on a napkin while they’re enjoying their morning Chai at Starbucks and ping me a photo on WhatsApp. Likewise, there are those who pin a load of articles to a Pinterest board and send me a link. Others record voice messages while they’re driving, or send me a brain dump via email as they’re thinking about it.

I’ve found over the years that some people think in words, and some in images. Some people are very specific in their wants, others don’t want to think about it at all, they just want to it handled. There are those who have a vague notion of concept but need me to flesh out the details, and those who know exactly what they want to achieve, but not what the subject needs to be about to reach that goal.

You can be vague, specific, or entirely absent from the process as you wish. You can use whatever medium is most comfortable and convenient to you to send me the info I need.

I may have questions to clarify a few things, but again, how you answer them is up to you. I like my services to be as easy as possible for my clients, so you tell me how you want it to go, and we’ll work around that.

You will be sent a draft of your copy as soon as I have completed it. This will be in a live GoogleDoc that you can directly comment on and edit. I will be able to see and reply to your comments, check and suggestions you’ve made, and rework the copy so it is as you want it.

99% of the time, edits and revisions fall under the scope of what you paid. As long as you are clear in your feedback, and don’t keep changing your mind, the editing process is very smooth and easy. Clients usually make one round of edits or comments and make amendments, and they find they are happy with the results. If not, the second round of edits ensues.

I will not perform unlimited edits, so it’s important for you to consider what you ask for in your edits carefully. I’m quite happy to go through a round or two, sometimes even three to get it just right.

I also draw a distinction between ‘editing’ and ‘re-writing’. If you have given me a subject brief and, once I have started/completed a draft change your mind on what you want the subject to be, that’s a little different. If a full re-write is required because you’ve changed your mind, or because you neglected to tell me a salient point that completely changes the direction of the piece, you would be charged for a fresh piece of content.

In my entire career, this has only happened once, and I was able to re-work the original into something the client was happy with at a later date, so it didn’t go to waste.

That’s entirely up to you. You can tell me what you need, leave me to it, and never think about it again. You can also check every word I write, provide feedback and edits until you’re completely happy with it. Likewise, you can provide me with an overview of what you do and your objectives, and leave me to find the best keywords to optimise for and topics to write about. Or, you can give me a detailed breakdown of exactly what you want me to write, what search terms you want me to optimise for, the specific thoughts you have on the subject.

Sure. If you can write professional, high-quality, search engine optimised copy that will achieve your business goals, it’s absolutely preferable. I write (almost) all my own copy. But I’m a copywriter with over a decade of experience, and even I outsource some of my copy. Time is finite, and some things I hate writing! If you can write well, you might want to look at writing your own copy and having someone optimise it for you, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Optimising copy needs to start before the writing process begins. The subject and direction you take should grow organically from the keyword(s) you’re optimising for and a selection of relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) terms you have identified.

If you do decide to DIY your copy, I strongly suggest you take the time to do keyword research and create a full keyword plan for your website (if you’re writing website copy) and your blog/articles/content marketing schedule (if you’re writing content). Doing this first and developing the content around the terms, topics and subjects you need to optimise for is definitely the way to go.

You can also invest in having an SEO expert (like moi) create a keyword plan for your website and/or a content schedule for you. This gives you a full breakdown of every piece of copy/content needed, the core search term(s) to optimise it for, and LSI terms to include as you write. If you have that blueprint, you’re good at writing, and you take some time to learn how to optimise your content for search, you can do all your copywriting yourself.

But seriously, who has time for all that?

You have a business to run, and even after you’ve spent all that time, effort, and money, the end result is not going to be the same as you would get from someone with 10+ years of experience, who spends their entire professional life writing copy.

If you’re an established business, writing your own copy is neither cost nor time effective. If you’re a startup, an entrepreneur, or a solopreneur, it’s still not time-effective, but it may be the most cost-effective way to get started. A DIY website can always be upgraded later when your business is earning enough money to justify the expense!

You do, baby! During the writing process, the copyright remains with me. But once a piece is complete, we’ve edited it to your satisfaction, and payment has been made in full, the copyright transfers to you. It’s important to note that you do not have the copyright to incomplete projects (i.e. work you never finished paying for), or drafts. It is only the final version of your copy that you hold the copyright to, once it has been paid for in full.

Topics, no. I can write about anything. There are, however, levels of expertise needed that are beyond me in some areas. I cannot, for example, learn enough about quantum physics to write an original research paper on it. I could (and have!) happily written an article explaining what quantum physics is, what the main theories are, controversies in the field, inexplicable concepts, etc.

Likewise, while I wrote a weekly blog for a law firm for years, I am not a lawyer, and cannot write legal documents, or explain legal systems and laws at the level of understanding of a qualified lawyer.

Medicine is another good example. Many of my clients run health and wellness businesses or holistic practices, everything from pilates to biohacking, yet I am not a doctor; I am not qualified to write at a clinical level.

Law, medicine, engineering, and science are the areas where you will find there’s a limit to the level I can write at.

That being said, I am a technical writer and have a great deal of experience writing for tech companies providing services like CAD and workplace sensors. So, I can write about technical subjects to a degree, provided there are ample specifications and data for me to study to learn about them. The same is true for the health and wellness treatments I’ve written about – I don’t need a degree in medicine to explain how they work, provided there is information available for me to learn how they work.

Research is part and parcel of the job. I’ve researched some bizarre and wonderful things over the years, so much so I’ve become a fountain of esoteric information on a veritable smorgasbord of subjects. If you’re unsure if I will have the research chops needed to write about your subject, just ask. I will always be honest about my current level of knowledge in the area, and confidence level in researching it to the degree you require.

It’s useful to remember that before I was a crackerjack copywriter, I studied archaeology to PhD level. I’m really good at research!