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It’s not often that you get a chance to write about something you love, two or three times a week, and get paid for it. Even as a freelance writer my role rarely involves writing about subjects that are a hobby of mine. Professionally relevant, sure, in one of my niches as a writer, absolutely, but hobbies? Not so much. So, when the opportunity arose to write for WebGeekStuff, an online entertainment site, specifically covering Anime I jumped at it. I love anime. As a writer, having the chance to pen weekly posts specifically about anime is an absolute dream.

Going From Anime Writer To SEO Specialist/Consultant

After a couple of months of writing for WebGeekStuff the SEO consultant who was working on the site when I started left. He had been responsible for the ideation of all content creation as well as the SEO strategy and research. As I am (in addition to being an awesome writer who loves talking about anime) an SEO specialist, I took over this role on the site as well. My role has since evolved further to include penning posts on topics beyond anime, as well as updating existing content as part of my SEO work on the site. As the site’s business model is based purely on generating ad revenue and commission from sales, traffic is the name of the game on the site. Every piece of content is created with the sole purpose of ranking for relevant keywords and driving a ton of traffic to the site.

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“I consider Hazel a vital extension of our content team. She’s reliable, talented, and provides sound advice that levels up our content efforts. Working with Hazel not only simplifies my life, but it gives me the confidence that our content is in good hands.”

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Need A Copywriter To Pen Genre-Savvy Articles To Drive Traffic And Entertain Your Readers?

Looking for someone to work a little voodoo wordsmithery and black magic and entertaining, traffic-driving content to your entertainment site? If you’re running a business that makes money by driving traffic you need to be publishing fresh content daily and updating existing content regularly. Your keyword research needs to be spot on, and you need someone to keep the site updated and work on your SEO. I’m available to hire as a freelance copywriter for entertainment websites, writing about anime, gaming, TV, film, and other pop culture, as well as merchandise, books, and more. Feel free to snoop at other projects I’ve completed, and once you’re convinced I know my shit (I do, but I get it, you need proof of that), get in touch, and we’ll start working that hoodoo…

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