• Awesome Articles

    Long-form content is the holy grail of content marketing and search engine optimisation. But who has time to write? My article writing services deliver high-quality, high-value pieces when you need them. While current search engine algorithms are favouring content that's c. 2500 words long, many businesses are unable to invest in regular posts of such length. Others prefer to keep their content shorter and sweeter because they know their audiences value succinctity.If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to step up your game and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, this is it.  Perfect for your website or LinkedIn profile, and easily tailored for submission to big sites like Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, or Mind, Body, Green.These posts are high-value content that will get you seen, establish your expertise, and give you the chance to build your brand voice in a meaningful way. They’re the perfect middle-ground between short-form blog posts and a full-blown content marketing strategy.
  • Bitchin’ Blogs

    All my blog writing packages are search engine optimised, created with content marketing strategies in mind, and between 450 to 550 words. No contract, no strings!With over a decade of experience as a writer and researcher, I specialise in the creation of expertly researched and beautifully crafted blog posts that are memorable, speak directly to your ideal clients, and showcase your own personal zone of genius.
  • My Charisma Content - or Pillar Content - is there to deliver the maximum value to your readers while ranking highly on SERPs. It's designed specifically to do all the things users (and consequently search engine algorithms) value the most, by providing a complete answer to a specific question your target audience is searching for about a specific topic.Moz mogul Rand Fishkin describes pillar content as 10x content, and it's an apt name. The value and ROI you get from this level of content is 10x higher than any other form of content.
  • You only have seconds to make a positive first impression on new visitors to your website. Get it wrong, and they click away, never to return. Get it right, and it's the start of a beautiful (not to mention lucrative!) friendship. But getting it right is a real bitch. Between optimising your page for search, getting your brand voice and tone right, and telling people what they actually need to know (not what you think they want to hear), there's a lot to juggle. Hiring a home page copywriter is a no-brainer. It takes the stress and worry away from you, saves you time, and ensure it's spot on. While your whole website will benefit from being professionally written, if you do nothing else, getting a copywriter to pen your homepage makes a huge difference. This package makes it as simple as possible. Simply purchase, and let me do all the work for you.