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All my blog writing packages are search engine optimised, created with content marketing strategies in mind, and between 450 to 550 words. No contract, no strings!

With over a decade of experience as a writer and researcher, I specialise in the creation of expertly researched and beautifully crafted blog posts that are memorable, speak directly to your ideal clients, and showcase your own personal zone of genius.


Life as an entrepreneur is very rewarding. It’s also intense, exhausting, and incredibly stressful. There’s always so much to do, and it all rests on you. Blogging is one more thing on a very long list. You know blogging is vital to the success of your business, but you often don’t have the time, patience, or skill to do it. You also know how essential it is for your business to appear at the top of search engine results pages, so new customers and clients can find you. But you have no idea how to write blog posts that will actually help you rank.

Your blog should be the heart that powers all your marketing. But it’s a bitch to get it right.

How Blog Writing Packages Can Help…

Your blog is an incredibly powerful element of your marketing strategy if it’s used correctly. The production of high-quality, consistent content can be used to build a dedicated tribe of followers who know, like, and trust you, by raising awareness of your brand, establishing your expertise, and ensuring you rank well on search engines. Your blog can also drive signups and sales, and its content can easily be re-purposed for use on your other platform.

Thinking of topics, week after week, coming up with catchy headlines, researching keywords and facts, cross-linking, calls to action, SEO… it’s a lot to deal with. If writing isn’t your zone of genius it’s not where you should be spending your time. You have your niche, your area of expertise.

Your focus should be on doing what you do best, not trying to figure out how to do what I do best.

My bitchin’ blog posts take away all the guesswork, stress, and tedium, and ensure you’re not wasting hours struggling to write your blog when you could be using your time far more effectively elsewhere.

How many hours does it take you to research and write your blog every week?

How much could you earn in that time if you were devoting it to other areas of your business?

How much anxiety and pressure do you feel whenever you write a blog post?

How much better would you feel if you spent that time relaxing in a hot bath, reading a good book, getting in some quality time with the kids or the other half, or going somewhere fun?

Why Work With Me?

With over a decade of experience as a freelance copywriter, I specialise in the creation of expertly researched and beautifully crafted blog posts. They’re eye-catching, memorable, speak directly to your ideal client, and showcase your personal brand of genius. They’re also fully optimised for search using high-traffic, high-value keywords that will attract exactly the right people to your business.

I’ve written thousands of blog posts and crafted shed loads of copy for a wide range of clients and websites.

Scripts are available on request to enable you to easily record video versions of your weekly blog post to upload to a YouTube channel, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Order now and I will be in touch immediately to organsie a call to discuss your specific needs…

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5 reviews for Bitchin’ Blogs

  1. Lucy Stanyer

    Hazel wrote a fantastic blog for me. She wrote to the brief and interpreted my notes really well. It really hit the spot in terms of tone of voice and my chatty-yet-practical style. I’m really have bought one of Hazel’s blogging packages for the coming year.

  2. Karen Purnell

    Hazel has written both product descriptions and blog posts on a variety of subjects for my business. On all occasions the writing was excellent quality – informative and fun to read. Delivered on time with appropriate memes and tweetables. I would highly recommend Hazel and look forward to working with her in the future,

  3. Janet Hill

    Hazel is truly dedicated to providing an excellent service for her clients. She is thorough, thoughtful, prompt and reliable. Hazel adapted her writing style extremely well to suit our brand and our business requirements and I consider her to be a valuable member of my team.

  4. Kate Knowler

    I’ve worked with Hazel twice now, and she has produced amazing articles each time. I can highly recommend her, and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!

  5. Jason Sharpe

    I’ve enjoyed the fruits of Hazel’s blog service for a number of months now. She is prompt, accurate, charismatic and eminently readable. But perhaps even more valuable than that, she has proven herself, time and again, able to adapt to whatever subject matter I throw at her – however technical or seemingly impenetrable. It is a valuable skill in copywriters I have found all too rare. Highly recommend.

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