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My Charisma Content – or Pillar Content – is there to deliver the maximum value to your readers while ranking highly on SERPs. It’s designed specifically to do all the things users (and consequently search engine algorithms) value the most, by providing a complete answer to a specific question your target audience is searching for about a specific topic.

Moz mogul Rand Fishkin describes pillar content as 10x content, and it’s an apt name. The value and ROI you get from this level of content is 10x higher than any other form of content.


A piece of Charisma Content is my fancy way of saying long-form content like Thought Leadership articles, or Pillar Content. When it comes to the structure of your website, pillar content is essential to developing the core structure of your content strategy. Short blogs are a great way to ensure you have regular updates for your SEO, and articles are fabulous for raising brand awareness, engaging your audience, and establishing your expertise. But one single piece of pillar content acts as a powerhouse for your brand. Regular pillar content combined with in-depth satellite posts on each of the points made within your pillar content, ensures you are positioned to rank for all the big-hitting topics in your industry. This is high-level content designed to position you as a thought leader in your industry, maximise your brand awareness, and give you the biggest possible SEO boost.

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