In the run up to the release of my new book, Divine Blogging, I’ve been delving into the 12 archetypes that make up the core of my signature content marketing strategy in a little more detail. I already talk a lot about how understanding your ideal client’s archetypal profile can help you create amazing content perfectly tailored to attract them, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at how the archetypes can help you better understand yourself.

The reason archetypes are so powerful is because they’re a part of all of us, regardless of race, religion, or culture, they’re ingrained deep in the human psyche and they really are wonderfully potent.

When you understand how each are at work in your own mind (and life) you can harness all that wonderful potential and use it to supercharge your business. If you missed last week’s archetype post I was looking at how the Mystic can inject a little magic into your biz, and this week I want to look at another favourite of mine, the Creator…

Meet Your Inner Creator…

The creator archetype is focused entirely on the crafting of new things. This can be anything, from new life (leading to the association of this archetype with the equally archetypal mother goddess) to new ideas and new physical things or processes.

Art, literature, culture, music, technology, innovation…the list is endless.

Your inner creator is the part of you that believes anything that can be imagined can be done, and anything that can be envisioned can be created in one way or another.

Creatives provide the world with structure, clarity, and innovation. They are the artists, architects, scientists, writers, poets and engineers of the world. They are always questioning and questing, tinkering with that which already exists and contemplating that which has yet to be done. And whether you think of yourself as ‘the creative type’ or not, there is a creator buried inside you, eager to be unleashed.

In many ways, branding is the holy grail in business, and so much of it relies on the creativity and vision your pour into it. Your creative self can really help you out here, if you let it!

Here are 5 ways your inner creator can help you craft a powerful brand for your business…

#1 A Truly Unique Selling Point

Creators see the world differently to other people and are capable of finding paths others would miss, or overlook due to the appearance of being impassable.

The creator has much in common with some of the other archetypes. Creators are seekers of knowledge, like the Sage, and share the Dreamer’s idealistic and fanciful nature. They are often highly driven, like the Ruler, and crave the development of new things, like the Rebel and Mystic.

What distinguishes the creator from the other archetypes is that they have both the clarity of vision to see the world differently, and the skills and drive to make the dream a reality.

So your inner creator possess some of the best aspects of other archetypes and is capable of combining them all in compelling and powerful ways.

The result?

You can use the power of your creative archetype to craft a truly unique brand for your business, and ensure that you have a totally unique selling point.

Not the pat, standard offerings that so many other brands out there tout as their USP, which really aren’t unique at all, but a tangible ‘thing’ that becomes ‘your thing’.

#2 Consistent Development

In addition to a strong creative spirit, the creator longs to develop their skills to the greatest extent possible. Not content with simply learning their craft, they seek to perfect it, and above all else dream of one day creating something of superb and enduring value.

They’re not afraid to work to achieve that goal, although their methods of applying themselves differ significantly. The creator is often unconventional in the manner in which they choose to express themselves, pursue their goals, and create their work. To the outside observer, their process can often seem chaotic and unfocused. While this can be true, due to the abundance of imagination and inspiration that often overtake creative work, it’s a matter of perspective.

Getting in touch with your creative self is the key to ensuring consistent development, both on a personal and professional level. Whatever you do in your business, the odds are there are elements of it you can further develop. From keeping on top of the latest news, trends, and methods, to improving your skills, streamlining your processes, or coming up with better ways of doing things, constant development will keep your brand fresh and up-to-date.

Your inner creator will also keep you motivated to actually do the work.

Even if you’re running the perfect freedom business based in your zone of genius and are truly passionate about what you do, the daily grind of running it all can still get you down.

Keeping your creative self nourished and sparkling will not only keep you moving forward, it will ensure you’re springing forward with eager glee, and who doesn’t want that when they wake up in the morning?

#3 A Distinctive Brand Voice

The creator is often far ahead of their time, and highly driven by the desire to be the authentic voice of clarity and brilliance cutting through the dull, mundane, white noise that is the rest of the world.

This is exactly what you need in business to create a distinctive brand voice that ensures you really stand out, make waves, get noticed, and thrive.

Rather than talking about things in exactly the same way as everyone else in your niche, when you get creative you can put your own personal spin on it. Really let your creative juices infuse the voice you pour into your brand, and say things your way.

Whatever your way is.

You’ll notice I swear occasionally when I’m writing for my own brand. With one exception my clients have cuss-free brand voices, either because they feel swearing is unprofessional and puts people off, or they genuinely don’t swear themselves. In certain industries, I completely agree with the assessment that it can seem unprofessional, and for some niches it’s simply inappropriate (areas relating to religion or children for example), but here’s the truth:

I have a horrendous potty mouth.

Seriously, the vitriol that spews forth from my lips on a daily basis is quite obscene.

So if the occasional F Bomb slips in I let it. One of my most popular services is my Bitchin’ Blogs packages, and my most long standing lead magnet is called 55 Tips For Shit Hot Copy

That’s my authentic voice, because it’s how I genuinely speak, and people either love it or hate it. If you ever see me in person or on a live video, you’ll hear me swear occasionally, even when I’m trying not to. I don’t even realise I’m doing it. And the thing is, when something is so ingrained in your actual voice, the way you literally talk, it’s impossible to keep it out of your branding without creating a huge disconnect with your audience.

If they get used to the way you speak in reality your written content and branding will come across as fake, and if they’re used to a shiny, polished version of you and buy into that, they’re going to get a shock when they catch a glimpse of the real you.

And they will. Nobody can put up a perfect facade indefinitely.

You want people who want to work with you, not a version of you that you think they’ll like better! Respect your audience enough to let them see the real you and decide for themselves if they like you, and they will respect you in equal measure, if not more so, for having the guts to be truly authentic and not fauxthentic.

Your inner creator is your best friend when it comes to honing your brand voice because all that excitement and motivation, all that desire for brilliance and clarity make it impossible to put on airs or masks or really filter your natural voice.

The result is a truly distinctive, authentic voice that people will really connect with.

No, not everyone will like it, but that’s okay. In fact, that’s exactly what you want!

That doesn’t mean you need to swear to create an authentic voice! It simply means you have to be yourself.

Speak like yourself, write like yourself, and when you’re creating let your creativity run away with you, because it will prevent you from filtering and simply let your natural talent and self shine through.

#4 A Signature Service/Product Line

If you’re looking for an example of a USP created by an entrepreneur’s inner creator, I can think of numerous amazing examples, here are just a few:

And look no further than this post, because The Divine Blogging Design is my ‘thing’ developed by my own inner creator in order to set me apart from all the other content marketers out there.

I offer Divine Blogging as a signature service, and am also in the process of developing a DIY version – this will start with the book, but there will be a Divine Blogging Academy coming later this year.

Exciting stuff!

In fact, I’ve created an entire sub-brand of The Write Copy Girl for Divine Blogging, here’s a sneaky peek at the logo set the fabulous Vicki Nicholson over at Brand Creative developed (using her own inner creator I might add) for the series:

The Write Copy Girl Divine Blogging Signature Brand 5 Ways Your Inner Creator Will Help Craft A Powerful Brand

Having this kind of signature element to your brand and business not only completely solidifies your unique selling point, it gives you a highly marketable series of products or services, and the ability to make those offers to people at different price points, maximising the revenue you create.

For example, Divine Blogging: The Book is a very low price item, which naturally leads into the mid-level Divine Blogging Academy and, for those who don’t want to DIY their content marketing, there is the Done For You premium service.

Let your creative genius loose and see what you can come up with to make the products or services you offer totally unique to you.

#5 Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bard

Another aspect of what I teach to help you create amazing content is corporate storytelling, the use of narratives and stories to infuse your content with pep, zing, and a bucket load of authenticity, all of which makes you infinitely more relatable to your ideal clients.

The archetypes I use in Divine Blogging are themselves connected to corporate storytelling, but a big part of that storytelling is the use of archetypal narratives. Think of the Divine Blogging archetypes as ‘character archetypes’ – the model for all the colourful characters you see popping up in stories again and again, and the source of their common behaviour and journeys. In addition to character archetypes, there are also plot archetypes, and both can be used in your branding.

Your inner creator is the part of yourself most capable of telling stories, of weaving your personal experiences with the things you need to do and discuss in your business, and helping people connect with you in a relatable way.

That creative spark can also help you discover the archetypal profile of your brand, construct a strong brand story for your business, which can be infused into your content and brand copy to really make your whole business come alive, and ensure your ideal clients truly connect with you.

How To Connect With Your Inner Creator

For a more detailed look at this do check out my existing posts on the nature of creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as how you can spark , manage and nurture your creativity. But for some quick tips and advice I suggest you adopt at least one of the following habits:

  • Sing or dance like nobody’s watching for a good ten minutes.
  • Play a musical instrument or, if you don’t know how, learn to play a musical instrument! (I play piano every day, and I love it).
  • Read. Read books, read magazines, read newspapers, read other blogs, read the brand stories and copy of businesses you admire. Read, read, read, and read some more. Read in your favourite areas and in areas you don’t normally look at, and just occasionally, read stuff you hate (it might surprise you!).
  • Get an adult colouring book or app and use it for a little while every day.
  • Take up a really creative hobby like drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, photography or DIY.
  • Go to a museum or art gallery as often as you can.
  • Watch documentaries on things that inspire you to learn more about them – nature shows are my thing!
  • Read biographies of individuals you aspire to emulate, or truly admire (they may be creatives themselves, or simply your role models, it doesn’t matter).
  • Do something impossible whenever you have the chance – you know, those things you’ve always thought it was utterly impossible you’d ever do, like climb a mountain, swim with sharks, learn to scuba dive, or run a marathon. The more impossible something seems, the more you should challenge yourself to do it!
  • Play with children. I have two god daughters, two nieces, and a nephew, and for years they have been a huge source of inspiration for me. They have such curiosity, such questioning minds, and they’re utterly fearless. I challenge you to spend an hour just watching the play or thought process of someone under the age of 10 and then trying to approach your work with the same attitude.

And if that’s not enough for you, the Creator is one of the twelve archetypes I use in Divine Blogging, my signature content marketing method which teaches you how to create a perfectly balanced content schedule, tailored to the specific psychological profile of your ideal clients. It’s also packed with practical advice to help you rock the socks off your content. You can read more by downloading chapter one now – it’s totally free!