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Divine Blogging: The Book

Blogging is a golden ticket to a wildly successful business. If you’re an entrepreneur, creative, or digital nomad, your blog is without question the most effective marketing tool available. If you’re struggling to find clients, stumbling over sales calls and hard-sell tactics, and longing for a wildly successful business built on your passions and the value you offer, this book is for you…

When done well, blogging is fully capable of:


  • Increasing your online reach and influence.
  • Attracting a flood of visitors to your website.
  • Nurturing your relationships with those visitors until they are naturally ready to buy from you.
  • Propelling your business to the next level of success.


The smartest way to blog for business is to create a dynamic content marketing strategy that fully leverages your blog for a multi-media, multi-platform approach to marketing. But that’s easier said than done, right?

From agonising over the perfect length for your blog posts (2,500 words is optimal for content marketing!), to stressing over the best way to optimise your blog for search (long tail keywords, LSI, and topic clusters for the win!), and struggling to figure out how to use your content to actually create income (it’s all about building your list and working in passive income!), content marketing is a bit of a minefield.

Divine Blogging was created by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs. It side-steps all the nasty marketing strategies and ‘spray and pray’ techniques that can make entrepreneurship so exhausting, and focuses on delivering soulful content, tailored to your ideal client’s needs, and your business objectives, enabling you to achieve consistent growth through the delivery of high-quality, high-value content.

No hard-selling, icky sales tricks, or expensive advertising needed!

You will simply create a space your ideal clients are naturally drawn to, and demonstrate your expertise so you become the go-to choice when they’re ready to buy.

Whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, already have years of marketing and blogging experience, or have an established business that you’re ready to uplevel, Divine Blogging is the complete content marketing strategy that will enable you to make money blogging without. It’s a completely unique strategy that will teach you to:


  • Build a thriving brand.
  • Drive success through soulful selling.
  • Attract a dedicated tribe of ideal clients.
  • Establish your expertise and position yourself as a thought-leader.

Create The Heart-Centred Biz Of Your Dreams, And Success On Your Own Terms

Divine Blogging is a system built to maximise passive income and allow you the freedom to live by your own design. It’s so successful because it places the emphasis on the people you want to work with, using psychological archetypes to climb inside your ideal client’s head, understand their wants and needs, and find the crossover between your Zone of Genius and their interests.

The archetypes will teach you everything you need to know to perfect tailor your content marketing strategy to your ideal client, and vary your content to maximise engagement and avoid reader burnout. Beyond that, Divine Blogging will also teach you how to:

  • Plan a content marketing schedule to support your business goals.
  • Write effective, high-quality content.
  • Educate your tribe on the value and necessity of your products/services.
  • Monetise your blog and create multiple passive income streams.
  • Easily repurpose your blog posts for a multi-media, multi-platform content strategy.
  • Promote your content on social media.
  • Drive organic traffic to your website through simple but effective SEO.
  • Create content upgrades and lead magnets to leverage your blog for explosive email list growth.
  • Structure your content to build into a signature service, book, and eCourse.
  • Use content to effectively launch a new product or service.


If you’re ready to spin your content into cash, make money blogging, and create a wildly successful business the soulful way, Divine Blogging is the blueprint for your freedom…


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Meet The 12 Archetypes…


Exceptional leadership, control and responsibility, rulers are capable of achieving extremely high levels of success and value power above all else. They are driven by the core need for control, however this can derive from many sources, including the desire for independence and freedom, financial stability, social acceptance, or increased confidence. These are the trailblazers, leaders and over-achievers.

The ruler’s avatars are Hera, the goddess of women, power and tradition, and Zeus, the sky god who ruled over Mouth Olypus, Hera’s consort (and brother – they have a bit of a Cersei/Jamie thing going on…).


Passionate, romantic, fiercely loyal, and the perfect friend, partner, or lover. Enchanters are sensual beings who are all about the experience. They excel at making people feel appreciated, valued and loved, and are incredibly charismatic, appealing individuals.

The enchanter’s avatars are Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Pan, god of the wilds.


These are the knights, the superheroes, the dragon slayers, fighters and survivors. Warriors are battle-hardened victors, but the fight they face comes in many forms. It may be the literal conflict of a soldier, the emotional wars of a mental health patient, the physical trauma of cancer survivor or the struggle to become the best of the best in your chosen field. Warriors are astonishingly driven to improve the world through their own actions, be that by liberating or protecting others, masterminding or innovating life-changing technology and methods, or inspiring through their inherent skills, successes, and journey.

The warrior’s avatars are Freya, the formidable and feisty Norse goddess of war and love, and Thor, he of the long flowing hair and mighty hammer.


Rabble-rousers, rule breakers, misfits and outlaws, the rebel is a revolutionist with a deep-seated need for freedom of choice and expression, and a core desire to overthrow things that aren’t working and replace them with stuff that’s brilliantly beneficial. These are the lone wolves, the bad boys, the eccentrics and the rogues. They often pursue an alternative lifestyle but their drive to be different is as likely to manifest in the unwavering pursuit of a specific course because they can clearly see the established ‘norm’ isn’t the best way of doing things, and want to create a better way. Like Robin Hood repurposing the wealth of the rich to save the poor and finding himself endlessly hounded for it, it’s not unusual for society to reject the ways of the rebel, at least initially, until they have proven their way is genuinely better.

The rebel’s avatars are Kali, goddess of time, and Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods in order to save humanity and was severely punished for his troubles.


Trickster, comedian, joker, the jester is the fun-loving life, heart and soul of the party dedicated to living for the moment and cramming as much joy into life as possible. They’re resilient and seemingly immune to the stresses and strains of life, with a mischievous streak a mile wide and a flagrant disregard for the rules.

The jester’s avatars are Eris, whose practical joke started the Trojan war, and Loki, fabled conniver of Norse myth.


Traditionally referred to as the everyman, I searched in vain for a gender-neutral term to use that I didn’t hate and ultimately settled for flipping to the female side in an effort to balance out years of referring to women of this archetype as men. The everygirl is a social creature with a talent for being real, genuine, and lacking any form of pretense. They are highly empathetic, and get along with pretty much everyone. They’re relatable and easily relate to others, and their core desire is to connect to others, fit in, and be accepted for who they are. They are very accepting of others and not easily ruffled, believing everyone is created equal.

The everygirl’s avatars are Branwen, a Welsh princess from the Mabinogion who was married off to an Irish King in a big to win peace, and Perseus, who was not a god, but merely a man, yet succeeding is slaying monsters including Medusa and a particularly nasty kraken.


Dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the universe, the mystic is transformation, driven by their desire for change and quest for understanding. Mystics are visionaries uniquely capable of making their dreams for the world, themselves, and the future, a reality. Highly perceptive, they may well have an interest in spiritual or supernatural pursuits and are highly intuitive.

The mystic’s avatars are Hekate, goddess of crossroads, thresholds and magic, and Proteus, god of the ever-changing seas.


The caring, selfless, compassionate protector who draws strength and energy from the act of nurturing others. A source of unconditional love and great comfort they are defined a deep and genuine need to ensure the health, wellbeing and success of others.

The nurturer’s avatars are Demeter, goddess of fertility and the harvest, and Apollo, the sun god.


Careerists, intellectuals, logical, educated, cultured and metropolitan individuals with a core desire to understand, and help others understand, the world. They have a keen intelligence and analytical understanding, applying themselves to mastering their chosen subjects using reason and logic. Highly ambitious they aren’t generally happy until they know everything there is to know about a subject, and are constantly looking for new ways to learn, and more knowledge to explore. Truth and reality are the pillars of their world, providing a kind of freedom and liberation.

The sage’s avatars are Athena, goddess of wisdom, and Odin, the Allfather of Norse myth.


Adventurers and explorers, the seeker is constantly in search of new experiences and broader horizons. Freedom is of paramount importance to the seeker, however they achieve it through learning, growth and exploration rather than the rule breaking of the rebel. Seekers are wild and carefree, constantly pushing the boundaries of their inner and outer worlds. They are exceptionally talented at establishing and maintaining autonomy, and are often successful and ambitious.

The seeker’s avatars are Atalanta, goddess of the wild hunt, and Meili, the Norse wanderer, son of Odin and brother of Thor.


The innocence of youth and childlike innocence of truly unhindered free-spirit. Dreamers are open to and accepting of the true nature of themselves or others, however their core desire is happiness and social acceptance, driven by a boundless optimism for life, and faith that everything will work out as long as you do the right thing.

The dreamer’s avatars are Persephone, goddess of spring, perpetually caught between two worlds, and Hermes, trader and messenger of the gods.


The creative muse dedicated to perfecting their craft and transforming their imaginative inspiration into tangible, enduring value in reality. Expressive, unconventional, passionate about and dedicated to their chosen art, the creator is a goal-orientated visionary capable of seeing the world in different, beautiful shades of every colour, sound and flavour imaginable.

The creator’s avatars are Gaia, the great earth goddess, and Shiva, the transformer.

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About The Author

TWCG founder and head typing monkey Hazel is a freelance content writer, content marketer, blogger, and best-selling urban fantasy author. With 1,000+ blog posts and articles created for more than 300 happy clients, and over 2 million expertly crafted words written, you’re in exceptionally good hands.

When not chained to a keyboard or buried beneath a mountain of books, Hazel wanders the wilderness with her faithful King Charles Cavalier, indulges her inner Geek, and attempts to play the piano.

In a former life she was an archaeologist and lecturer at Bangor University.