If you have a business, you already use content marketing, whether you realise it or not. But what the hell is content marketing, and why exactly do you need to be using it in your business?

The truth is, all marketing runs on content; it’s not possible to market a business without it. From advertising copy to product description, website copy to sales pages, your entire marketing strategy would grind to a halt without content.

What The Hell Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing takes this notion and expands on it, placing your focus on the production and distribution of incredibly high-quality, interesting, useful, and entertaining content.

Rather than content forming a useful part of your sales and marketing machine, content becomes the beating heart at the core of your business. The nexus around which everything turns. Any other elements of your marketing strategy are merely a means of promoting or delivering your content effectively.

Why You Need Content Marketing

The rise of the digital age is leaving traditional forms of marketing in the dust. Every year, marketing tactics that have been tried, tested, and used for generations are becoming increasingly less effective in the face of a world ever-more-obsessed with the Internet and technology.

The Internet of Things is the ultimate culmination of these two global obsessions.

If you’re new to entrepreneurship, you need to hit the ground running with a marketing strategy geared to the digital era. If you’re an established business owner venturing more and more into the online world, you’re probably coming to understand that there has to be a better way to market your business than the methods you’re currently using. And if you’re already hip to the content marketing revolution you probably figured out pretty quickly that creating all that content takes a lot of work, and a lot of planning – banging out a blog post every now and then isn’t going to cut it.

Digital Marketing is the way forward in business. And because content already forms at least part of every marketing strategy, Content Marketing is the perfect strategy to employ in a modern business.

You’re already doing (or should be doing!) most of it anyway.

You just need to know how to do it strategically. Fortunately, help is at hand! Download your FREE chapter of Divine Blogging and unlock the secret to my own signature content marketing strategy…