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First impressions are everything. You have a shocking 50 milliseconds – only 0.05 seconds! – to convince your visitors to stay on your site when they land. That’s a tall order, and your whole site needs to be optimised to ensure you catch and hold people’s attention. Every word on your website is an opportunity to showcase who you are, what you do, and exactly how good you are at it. From your home page to your about page and everything in between, you can’t afford to waste a single syllable.

About Me

Hazel Butler

TWCG founder and head typing monkey Hazel is a freelance content writer, content marketer, blogger, and best-selling urban fantasy author. With 1,000+ blog posts and articles created for more than 300 happy clients, and over 2 million expertly crafted words written, you’re in exceptionally good hands.

When not chained to a keyboard or buried beneath a mountain of books, Hazel wanders the wilderness with her faithful King Charles Cavalier, indulges her inner Geek, and attempts to play the piano.

In a former life she was an archaeologist and lecturer at Bangor University.

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