Today I wanted to share with you five really great websites you should guest posting on to build your tribe. Guest posting is really good way of achieving several key things that are essential for yourself, your business and your blog. But the main benefit is that guest posting helps you appeal to a wider audience.

Every time you guest post on a site you’re not just blogging to your readers, and anyone who might come across your website, you are blogging to all the readers of the site you’re guest posting on.

In addition to this, guest posting helps raise your profile.

It can help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It is also a bit of a feather in your cap, a great way of demonstrating that you really know what you are talking about, enough that somebody else is confident enough in you and your abilities to let you talk about your work on their site.

The more high profile sites you guest post on, the more effective this is.

While it’s a really good idea to guest post on other entrepreneur’s websites (small businesses, friends, or people you know through networking and mastermind groups). if you can get on some high profile websites you will get a lot more bang for your buck. This is especially true if there are sites that are really tailored to your niche, that will appeal directly to all of your ideal clients.

Here are five sites that are absolutely brilliant for anybody to guest post on. It doesn’t matter what your field is, what your ‘thing’ is, what your niche or specialty is, or whether you sell products or service. If you’re looking to build your profile and expand your audience, these five sites are definitely for you…

Quick Links:

The Huffington Post: Email

Tiny Buddha: submission guidelines.

Mind Body Green: submission guidelines.

Elephant Journal: submission guidelines.

Thrive Global: submission guidelines.

The Huffington Post

This is one site most of you had heard of. I blog on The Huffington Post, I know a lot of other entrepreneurs that blog on The Huffington Post. It’s one of the best sites to blog on for various reasons, the main one being that it is a very general new site. I have yet to came across a topic that they won’t talk about. They are very much for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the free exchange of ideas, which means that as long as your post is professional, informative, and/or entertaining in some way, you’re in.

It doesn’t really matter what your subject is; if you write a good post, they will accept it.

Unfortunately the method of actually getting on the site as change recently. Site founder, Arianna Huffington, recently stepped down as editor and chief. I’ll get back to that in a bit, but for now it’s relevant because I to have a free guide to getting published on The Huffington Post, but because it’s changed I’m not yet sure exactly how it’s going to work in future.

As soon as I have it figured out, I will update the How To Get Published on The Huffington Post guide. For now, you can pitch them a blog post by emailing it to (if you’re outside the UK, check the ‘contact us’ page on  your native version of the site for the right email address.

Tiny Buddha

I love the name. I love the site. It’s a brilliant website. Tiny Buddha is all about wisdom and gaining new forms of wisdom. It’s about finding new ways of applying the wisdom that you already have, as well as the new wisdom that you’re gaining through different situations in your life. The site is very much about reflecting on your experiences and the universe, being open to new ideas, and new approaches to things.

This is a really good website to get on if you want to put forward your philosophy on your niche subject, your ethos, or you very specific way of doing things. If you want to explain why your way is such a good way of doing things, this is a great site to get on. They love posts that brighten up your life, enlighten you, and offer something of tangible value. This isn’t just on a practical level but also on a spiritual or personal level.

The name gives it away a little bit: Tiny Buddha.

But this isn’t a spiritual site specific to Buddhism in any way. It’s more of a general wellness and wellbeing site. It’s about you as a whole person, rather than just you as (for example) a businesswoman ,or a photographer, or whatever other sites focus on specifically.

Tiny Buddha is about enriching the whole of you in every aspect of your life, rather than just focusing on one part. And that’s great, because it means that no matter what you pitch is, what your niche is, there’s always a way to spin it to say, ‘This is how my method can make your life better’.

It’s a great site, and it’s become really popular in the last few years. There are a lot of fabulous people writing for them already. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Mind Body Green.

This is really a lifestyle website. It offers various posts on wellness and healthy living and a really inspired way of living. Anything even remotely inspirational, or about your passions, your take on life, and your view of the world will work really well on this site. Certainly anything that has to do with health and wellness is a shoe in. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Elephant Journal

This is one of my favorite sites, I absolutely love it. I will admit one of the reason for that is the name. Elephant Journal is a site for what is probably best termed ‘mindful living’.

Anything to do with yoga, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, living life, loving life, anything of that nature goes down really well on this site.

But they are really all about being in the moment and enjoying life as it happens, seizing your opportunity as they come and really being present in the now, rather than constantly worrying about what has happened before, or what might happen in the future.

The site offers inspiring and practical advice at the same time, on how you can actually achieve that mindful kind of lifestyle.

It’s a really good website, I actually read it a lot, but it is a great site to post on. It has a very wide audience and the posts on it are very appealing. But it’s also a chance to be really uplifting and inspiring. It’s really a good way of giving very good value to readers, because the very nature of the site is empowering. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Thrive Global

I said I would be getting back to Arianna Huffington and here we are. Arianna Huffington recently stepped down as editor in chief of The Huffington Post so she could start a new venture, and that was Thrive Global.

It’s a relatively new site but they are already growing, and rapidly filling with very interesting posts. It’a a really upbeat site focused on creating and maintaining a healthy of attitude to life. It’s very focused on debunking the myth that being constantly burnt out, stressed, and exhausted is just ‘the price that we pay for modern life’.

The belief that, in order to be successful and wealthy and have the house, the car, the 2.4 children, and whatever else you want in life, just have to suffer the consequences.

That in order to achieve your goals and your dreams, you just have to put up with the fact that you are going to be burnt out, because it’s hard work and a lot of effort, and it’s just the price you pay.

Thrive Global is really focused on turning that perception on its head and saying, “Well, actually that’s bullshit. You can have whatever you want, you can achieve whatever you dream, and you can do it in a healthy way that doesn’t kill you in the process.”

If you have any pieces on how to minimize stress. how to be more productive, how to achieve more while still maintain high level of self-care, they will go down a storm on Thrive Global. You can check out their submission guidelines here.

Some Tips On Getting Accepted To Guest Post On Big Sites…

Make sure you read the guidelines really, really carefully, and follow them to the letter.

If you can, use a direct email address to submit your pitch to an editor, or some point of direct contact. They should be a relevant contact, somebody that would be handling incoming posts and deciding whether or not to publish them, rather than using a generic email address, like ‘hello@thehuffingtonpost’. Send your pitch to an actual person rather than to the general system. You are more likely to get a response.

If you have an existing relationship with someone at the publication, even if it’s just in passing, use it! Follow the sites on Twitter and keep an eye out for calls for stories and experts – they are often looking for people to contribute to a specific project or subject, and they shout about it on their social media!

Are any of you already on any of these sites? I would absolutely love it if you would post links to any guest posts you have on these sites (or any of the big sites where guest post are allowed). Share them below, I would love to read them, and I’m sure everybody else would as well!

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