Today, I’m excited to share with you an updated selection of exceptional websites for guest posting that will help you build your tribe and broaden your reach in 2024. I originally wrote this several years ago (you’ll notice the video is old! I’ll get that updated when I can. Incidentally, I originally discussed this in the context of tribe building, you may want to read why we no longer use that term!), and since then new sites have emerged and others have stopped accepting guest posters. So, an update was in order!

Guest posting is a powerful strategy to accomplish several essential goals for yourself, your business, and your blog, particularly as it introduces you to a wider audience. Every time you guest post, you’re not just speaking to your regular readers or casual website visitors; you’re connecting with the entire readership of the host site.

Moreover, guest posting significantly boosts your professional profile. It establishes you as an expert in your niche and serves as a badge of honour, showcasing your knowledge and credibility. This is particularly impactful when you appear on high-profile sites. Although the Huffington Post, one of the major platforms previously recommended, has updated its guest posting policy to only accept posts that meet specific guidelines and quality standards (making it a bit tougher to get on), there are still plenty of websites like the Huffington Post and excellent alternatives that cater to diverse and expansive audiences.

You will usually also get a great SEO boost for your main site from guest posting, as most sites allow you to include a backlink to your website in your profile. If you’re guest posting on sites with high domain authority, this will give you a really great, positive boost where the Google gods are concerned.

Guest posting isn’t just beneficial on entrepreneurial sites or within your direct network; it can propel you further when you engage with major platforms tailored to your niche. These can offer tremendous exposure and directly appeal to your ideal clients.

Here are several stellar platforms that are perfect for anyone looking to guest post, regardless of your field, specialty, or whether you’re selling products or services. If you aim to elevate your profile and extend your reach, these sites will definitely serve your purposes in 2024.

Quick Links:

Under Construction Page

Lawrence Bros

The Huffington Post 

Tiny Buddha

Mind Body Green

Elephant Journal

Thrive Global

The Huffington Post

This is one site most of you have heard of. I blog on The Huffington Post, I know a lot of other entrepreneurs that blog on The Huffington Post. It’s one of the best sites to blog on for various reasons, the main one being that it is a very general new site. 

The Huffington Post, now simply known as HuffPost, remains a significant platform in the digital media landscape, known for its openness to a wide array of topics and its commitment to freedom of speech and expression. This makes it a valuable platform for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike who are seeking to reach a broad audience with diverse interests. As long as your post is professional, informative, and engaging, there’s a good chance it will be accepted.

HuffPost encourages submissions that resonate with their readers—posts that are passionately written, often tying personal experience to larger social issues or current events. This approach fits well with their editorial ethos, which emphasises impactful, opinion-led writing that speaks directly to their audience.

It’s important to note that the method for submitting content to HuffPost has evolved. Previously, direct pitches could be made to specific email addresses or through personal connections. However, HuffPost now operates on a more structured submission system that aligns with their quality standards and editorial guidelines. Contributors looking to submit should carefully review the latest guidelines on HuffPost’s official contributor portal. This will ensure that submissions meet their criteria and stand a better chance of being published.

For those outside the UK, HuffPost has various international editions, and it is advisable to check the contact page of your local HuffPost edition for submission details (the UK guidelines are here). This ensures that your content is directed to the most appropriate editorial team, enhancing the likelihood of your work being featured.

As the platform continues to evolve, keep an eye on updates to their submission process to make the most of your contributions to HuffPost.

Under Construction Page

The site Under Construction Page is a valuable platform for guest posting, particularly for those involved in WordPress and web design. It offers a space where contributors can share their insights and establish themselves as experts in their fields. This exchange benefits both the guest author, by expanding their exposure and credibility, and the host site, by enriching its content and engaging its audience with fresh perspectives. When considering a guest post submission, ensure that your content aligns with their thematic focus and maintains a high quality to meet the site’s standards.

Simply get in touch with them if you have something interesting to post about that aligns with their content.

Lawrence Bros

Lawrence Bros is an excellent niche platform for local businesses aiming to optimise their local search visibility. If your business is related to food or local services, contributing a guest post to Lawrence Bros about breakfast spots in your area could be highly beneficial. In your post, you can include recommendations for local eateries and subtly mention your own business as a nearby option. Requesting a backlink to your site within the article can further enhance your local SEO efforts. To explore guest posting opportunities contact them through the website, or email them directly on to discuss potential collaboration.

Tiny Buddha

I adore the name and the essence of Tiny Buddha. This brilliant website dives deep into the realms of wisdom, offering new perspectives on the wisdom we already possess and the insights we gather through various life experiences. It encourages a reflective journey on our interactions with the universe, pushing us to be open to new ideas and approaches.

Tiny Buddha is an excellent platform if you aim to share your unique philosophy, ethos, or approach within your niche. The site is particularly receptive to contributions that not only brighten and enlighten but also provide tangible value on both a practical and spiritual level.

While its name suggests a focus on Buddhism, Tiny Buddha is not confined to any single spiritual path. Instead, it serves as a broader wellness and wellbeing hub, addressing the entirety of a person’s experience, beyond specific professional or personal identities. It’s a place where anyone, regardless of their profession—be it a businesswoman, a photographer, or any other—can find and share universal truths that foster personal growth and understanding.

Tiny Buddha is about enriching the whole of you in every aspect of your life, rather than just focusing on one part. And that’s great, because it means that no matter what your pitch is, what your niche is, there’s always a way to spin it to say, ‘This is how my method can make your life better’.

Key points to remember if considering submitting to Tiny Buddha include:

  • Posts should be deeply personal, providing vivid, relatable life experiences.
  • Content should offer unique insights and be thought-provoking, often with practical advice or clear lessons.
  • Submissions should not be previously published elsewhere and must be original.
  • Each post allows for a bio with links back to your site, which can boost traffic to your blog.

Guest posts on Tiny Buddha should ideally range between 1,000 and 2,000 words. The process to submit involves sending your post via email to the address provided in their submission guidelines. The platform is open to anyone, not just professional writers or thought leaders, which aligns with their community-focused ethos.

For more detailed guidelines on what makes a strong post and how to submit, you can check Tiny Buddha’s official submission guidelines.

Mind Body Green

This is really a lifestyle website. It offers various posts on wellness and healthy living and a really inspired way of living. Anything even remotely inspirational, or about your passions, your take on life, and your view of the world will work really well on this site. Mind Body Green invites contributions that reflect this holistic and integrative approach, seeking content that is not only informative but also actionable and empowering for their readers. If you’re looking to contribute, it would be beneficial to focus on creating content that resonates with their commitment to high-quality, well-researched, and accessible health information.

For the most accurate and current information about submission guidelines or to pitch your post ideas, you should directly contact them or visit their official site where they detail their editorial process and expectations for submissions. They encourage contributors who can provide insightful content that supports their readers’ wellness journeys.

If you have specific expertise or insights in areas related to their content pillars—such as nutrition, mental health, or sustainability—your contributions could be particularly valuable. Mind Body Green appreciates content that helps readers navigate the complexities of health and wellness in their daily lives. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Elephant Journal

This is one of my favourite sites, I absolutely love it. I will admit one of the reasons for that is the name. Elephant Journal is a site for what is probably best termed ‘mindful living’.

Anything to do with yoga, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, living life, loving life, anything of that nature goes down really well on this site.

But they are really all about being in the moment and enjoying life as it happens, seizing your opportunity as they come and really being present in the now, rather than constantly worrying about what has happened before, or what might happen in the future.

The site offers inspiring and practical advice at the same time, on how you can actually achieve that mindful kind of lifestyle. It’s a really good website, I actually read it a lot, but it is a great site to post on. It has a very wide audience and the posts on it are very appealing. But it’s also a chance to be really uplifting and inspiring. It’s really a good way of giving very good value to readers, because the very nature of the site is empowering. 

It’s a great place for contributing content that inspires and educates on living a mindful, balanced life. They look for submissions that offer insightful, practical advice aimed at helping readers lead a more conscious, reflective lifestyle. The site appeals to a broad audience interested in personal development, spirituality, and sustainable living, making it a prime venue for articles that promote thoughtful living and personal growth.

When submitting to Elephant Journal, it’s important to present articles that are personal, experiential, and less like generic advice pieces. They prefer content that starts from personal stories that draw the reader in, using a narrative that feels like a letter to a friend. The tone should be accessible, avoiding jargon unless it’s explained, and should involve the reader in a shared journey rather than preaching.

For more detailed submission guidelines and to understand their editorial process better, visiting the Elephant Journal website would be beneficial. Here, you can get a sense of their style and audience to tailor your submissions effectively. Check out their submission guidelines here.

Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington stepped down as editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post to start Thrive Global, a new venture aimed at promoting healthier approaches to work and lifestyle. Initially, Thrive Global was a lively platform rapidly filling with posts advocating against the pervasive culture of burnout, stress, and exhaustion. It championed the notion that being successful doesn’t necessarily mean being perpetually overworked. The platform was very focused on inspiring and practical advice on how to achieve dreams and maintain well-being simultaneously. Thrive Global initially encouraged submissions that helped people minimise stress, be more productive, and maintain a high level of self-care, all contributing to its mission of turning the traditional perception of success on its head.

Since then, Thrive Global has evolved, shifting its focus significantly. The platform transitioned from traditional publishing to a behaviour change technology company. Today, rather than accepting individual guest posts, Thrive Global develops corporate wellness programs that use technology to improve wellness and productivity. This shift aims to create a more direct impact on users’ lives by integrating their wellness solutions into everyday routines, thus enhancing both individual and organisational health more effectively.

While this is a disappointing turn of events for many people looking to guest post, if you run a health or wellness business it’s well worth taking a look to see if you’re compatible.

Some Tips On Getting Accepted To Guest Post On Big Sites…

Make sure you read the guidelines really, really carefully, and follow them to the letter. If you can, use a direct email address to submit your pitch to an editor, or some point of direct contact. They should be a relevant contact, someone who would be handling incoming posts and deciding whether or not to publish them, rather than using a generic email address like ‘hello@thehuffingtonpost’. Sending your pitch to an actual person rather than to the general system increases your likelihood of getting a response.

If you have an existing relationship with someone at the publication, even if it’s just in passing, leverage it! Always keep an eye on the publication’s social media for updates or calls for submissions, as they frequently announce opportunities for contributors there. This approach ensures your submissions are timely and meet the current needs of the publication.

Are any of you already featured on any of these sites? I would absolutely love it if you would post links to any guest posts you have on these sites (or any of the big sites where guest posts are allowed). Share them below—I would love to read them, and I’m sure everybody else would as well!