Arianna Huffington is one of the great inspirations in my life, particularly where writing is concerned. When she penned On Becoming Fearless it was intended as guidance for her daughters, Isabella and Christina, encouraging them to live bravely, openly, and fearlessly in the modern world. Huffington herself has always been brave and fearless, both in her career and her political convictions. She’s outspoken and firm in her beliefs, whether they go against the grain or not, and she has never allowed herself to be silenced by anyone. Part memoir, part guidebook, On Becoming Fearless seeks to lead the reader through Huffington’s own experiences in speaking out, which began while she was studying and headed the prestigious debating society at Cambridge University.

The foundation of my strong political transformations was the recognition that the work of overcoming social injustice and poverty are simply too huge to be attained without having the scale and power that only the government can offer. This was also followed by a conviction that staying silent is never going to be an option.

Huffington is well known for her ability to addresses all her political adversaries with mental acuity and verve. She’s also somewhat renowned for her strong-willed tenacity when it comes to facing conflict. On Becoming Fearless lays out a few gutsy principles that all modern women should live by. From demystifying money so that it does not control your life, to not being afraid about ageing, Arianna successfully lays down the guidelines for fearless living. All these guidelines add up to a pretty interesting and practical book.

Arianna Huffington has not only run for the high office, but she has made herself into a known personality in the media and has achieved so without the need to sacrifice here femininity. In fact, given the overall tone of the book, you could say that making political demands and seeking power is one of the foundations of both her femininity and feminism. Giving examples from corporate America, Arianna shows the readers several assertive and decisive women.

In her early fifties, Arianna launched vibrant and popular site The Huffington Post. Her research demonstrates that many women, just like her, are more eager to jump in and start new projects later in life. The book is a seamless blend of facts, research, opinions, theory, and humour, along with praise to the author’s own role models and friends, in particular her mother, who first taught Arianna what it means to be fearless.

While fear is universal and touches everyone in the world, it clearly does not stop everyone. On Becoming Fearless shows you just how you can start living a fearless life. Smart, inspiring and candid, this book is definitely worth reading if you’re ready to step it up and live a truly fearless existence.