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Working As A Freelance Copywriter For Dog Website All About Dachshunds

One of my favourite clients to write for is All About Dachshunds, a website dedicated entirely to the discussion of the wonderful doxie. A tiny breed with a great deal of personality the Dachshund is a highly underappreciated breed. Their adorably little legs and ridiculous floppy ears make the breed tiny bundles of amusing joy. Bred to be hunting dogs that can rival an angry badger, the dachshund is also surprisingly feisty. And, as with most pedigree breeds, they come with their own set of quirks and health issues. All About Dachshunds is dedicated to providing dachshund owners and those thinking of getting a dachshund pup with everything they need to know about the breed. The blogs I write for the site are in-depth, highly informative explorations of specific issues like how many puppies a dachshund can have, and whether or not they can climb mountains. Great fun!

The Absolute Joy Of Working As A Freelance Copywriter For Dog Websites

Dogs are my favourite people. I’ve owned two Golden Retrievers, two German Shepherds, and currently have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. If I had it my way I’d have a home full of dogs. It is a point of contention with my boyfriend who is adamant I only need one. Personally, I believe since he has two children have no choice but love and live with, I should be allowed at least two dogs. But I digress. To write for a website specialising in dogs is my ultimate happy place. I’ve written for pet suppliers and dog behaviourists as well as sites like All About Dachshunds that specialise in a specific breed. There is nothing I don’t love about dog clients.

“Hazel went the extra mile to fulfill all my needs and was very attentive to what was said to her. I would recommend her without any doubt!”

Valerie Laporte, Translator

“Hazel was extremely accommodating and showed herself to be both a professional and a perfectionist. I was so happy with the end result.”

Zoë Harris, Tenebris Books

“Hazel is amazing, so patient, knows the answers to all those questions you have and really guides you through the process, boosting you when you need it. I learnt so much from working with Hazel when writing my book and she made the process really smooth.”

Kylie Fieldhouse, KFH Accounting

“A total professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you so much Hazel, we wouldn’t have got this far without your help.”

Michael Freeman, Juke Kick Publishing

“I’ve worked with Hazel before and seen her writing across different websites. I was impressed with how she can take a complex subject and make it understandable. Our Service descriptions were difficult to structure. There is a lot of overlap and finding a language that speaks to our two different types of audience made writing tricky. Hazel helped simplify the page structures and managed to write in a way that appeals to all. The creative process was complex! We had multiple stakeholders to consult and keep happy through the process. Hazel was incredibly patient with us. The quality of the writing was excellent, and Hazel captured the right balance of professional with personable. I love the way Hazel writes, and would absolutely recommend The Write Copy Girl to other entrepreneurs and small business owners in need of amazing website copy?”

Rachael Collins, Insight Executive Group

Hazel has written both product descriptions and blog posts on a variety of subjects for my business. On all occasions the writing was excellent quality – informative and fun to read.  Delivered on time with appropriate memes and tweetables. I would highly recommend Hazel and look forward to working with her in the future.

Karen Purnell, Flawless Curves

“Hazel has a way with words. I’m so glad I asked for help with my product pages. Her passion and energy come alive on each page! I also asked Hazel to help me create a powerful script for my website video. I was nervous about what to say and how to deliver it. Hazel but me at ease from day one, scheduled a call and carefully researched my business and target market. She was extremely patient and supportive. The video script blew me away. Every word was powerful and communicated my hear to my customers.”

Precious Jason, Etie'no Skincare

“I’ve worked with Hazel on a couple of projects for my business and she’s always professional and approachable. I’ve been delighted with her work and have had positive feedback from my customers. She works quickly and is happy to make changes necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Sharon Chisholm, Mental Health Coach

Hazel has written fantastic blogs for me. She writes to the brief and interprets my notes really well. They really hit the spot in terms of tone of voice and my chatty-yet-practical style. I’m really glad to have bought one of Hazel’s blogging packages for the coming year.

Lucy Stanyer, Business Coach

“Hazel is a wizard with words and definitely knows her stuff! The sales copy she wrote for my course converts like a charm, and she’s also the reason I’m finally published on The Huffington Post. I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and expertise!”

Christine Judd, Holistic Therapist & Coach

“Hazel offers very complete and reliable copywriting services, well written and thoroughly researched.

Claire B, Local Cleaning Service

We have found Hazel to not only be a talented creative writer, but a professional of sufficient nous and intellect to get her head round even the most complicated and technical of subject matter. She has been a pleasure to deal with and a valuable asset.

Simon Jennings, Roots Creative

“Thank you, lovely Hazel, for the amazing job you did on my book! I was sooooo fed up looking at it (never mind wasting hours and days). Your highly professional handling of it and adjusting little things made such a difference.”

Heather Craig, Interior Designer

“I’m thrilled with the quality and attention to detail of the work, but also the professionalism with which Hazel approached the commission, which is so rare in the creative marketplace. I will definitely use her services again, and would recommend her to anyone.”

Andrea Baker, Author

“I loved working with Hazel, her work is amazing and really brought the stories to life.”

Mary Fan, Author

“Hazel took my original, drab freebie and using her creative genius produced a stunning book for my ideal customer. She’s approachable and friendly and happy to make changes where needed.”

Pip Stephenson, Put Your Business Face On

“Hazel stepped up to the mark and then some. She was attentive and detailed in all her communication. I was thoroughly impressed.”

Sammy H.K. Smith, Kristell Ink

“Hazel is efficient and reliable. She’s organised, thorough, and dependable when it comes to deadlines. She delivers high-quality content quickly, has great ideas, and understands what I want. She is a great help in moving my business forward, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Janet Hill, MeMeMe

“In a couple of hours Hazel turned my waffle into amazing copy that I couldn’t wait to upload onto my website. It’s fantastic, sounds just like me, but phrased much better than I could have ever put it. It was like she was channeling my voice and speaking directly as me to my ideal clients!”

Terri Homyard, Blue Sky VA

I’ve enjoyed the fruits of Hazel’s blog service for a number of months now. She is prompt, accurate, charismatic and eminently readable. But perhaps even more valuable than that, she has proven herself, time and again, able to adapt to whatever subject matter I throw at her – however technical or seemingly impenetrable. It is a valuable skill in copywriters I have found all too rare. Highly recommend.

Jason Sharpe, SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing Service Provider

“Hazel has been a gem she is so very easy to work with and totally gets my brand and what I’m trying to convey, which is so very important. It’s been a pleasure and I will definitely be coming back to work with Hazel again.”

Stacey Orr, Oh Sweet Bag Of Mine

“Really impressed with this service. Fast, professional, and the memes looked fabulous!”

Samantha McCulloch, Virtually Optimised
“I am absolutely delighted with the quality of work that Hazel has provided. She has been excellent in managing every aspect of our marketing from helping to identify our voice, to creating exceptional content, graphics and technological support for a variety of products, services, and topics.  This has saved a tremendous amount of time and enabled us to focus on the things we needed to do in order to launch a new company.  I have come to depend on her creativity, and collaboration skills and am very grateful for her efficiency and attention to detail and for selecting team workers who share our vision.”
Michelle Crevier-Gerukos, BluVida Precision Health & Wellness

Working with Hazel has made our online marketing efforts far easier and slicker. Our directors have so much information in their heads but they don’t have the time (nor inclination) to be churning out articles. Hazel can take messy notes, scribbled bullet points or topic headlines and turn them into well-written prose. We use her content on our website, LinkedIn and it’s even been published in print journals. I highly recommend working with The Write Copy Girl.

Marketing Manager, Recruitment Consultancy

“Absolutely brilliant. Especially the pyjamas part! Many thanks”

Brian R, Finance Manager

“After months of struggling to develop my brand Hazel came to the rescue. She immediately understood my brief and helped me better understand my ideal clients. The process was straight-forward and stress-free and Hazel took on board my feedback every step of the way.”

Rebecca Coupe, The Smart Girl's Business School

“Hazel approached writing my blogs very professionally. They were difficult subjects, but the resulting blog posts were fantastic. Hazel had clearly researched well, and wrote well-composed pieces that have been very popular.”

Kate Knowler, The London Nutritionist

When I realized that I was having difficulty composing eye-catching, informative product descriptions I was unsure where to look for assistance, until The Write Copy Girl answered the call. Not only are the descriptions she provides eye catching and informative, but they added new life to my products. She always makes sure that I am happy with her descriptions and is a great person to work with. As I add new products to my shop, the only person I will trust to make them shine is The Write Copy Girl.

Melissa James Spinelli, MJS Jewellery

“Hazel was amazing to work with – she did a fantastic job of making my story, ‘The Brightest Eye’, truly sparkle. This is one I am truly proud of. She is one fabulous editor!”

Charie D. La Marr, Author
Article Writing Service Freelance Copywriter For Space Analytics Experts, Density

“I consider Hazel a vital extension of our content team. She’s reliable, talented, and provides sound advice that levels up our content efforts. Working with Hazel not only simplifies my life, but it gives me the confidence that our content is in good hands.”

RC Victorino, Density

“It’s been wonderful to work with Hazel. She’s extremely talented. She’s giving me loads of valuabe advise on my books. She’s flexible, reliable, patient with requests and quick to respond with quality advice.”

Melanie Nolan, Elegant Twist

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