What is Copywriting?

If you’re in business – even as a fledgling entrepreneur – the odds are you’ve heard of copywriting. You’ve probably been told you need it, that it’s important. But exactly what is copywriting, and why is it so important for your business?

Copywriting is an essential aspect of online marketing. If you’re marketing yourself, your business, your products or services online, you need to write copy. The question is: will you write it yourself, or whether hire someone else? There are many forms of copywriting – advertising copy, blog content, website copy, social media messages, branding straplines, even scripts for promotional videos, vlogs, and courses. It all requires a copywriter.

Copywriting is far more than simply writing a few words, there’s a science to it, an art. Copywriting is essentially strategically delivering words (written or spoken), to make sure your readers are compelled to act. The specific action they take will vary depending on many factors, but all good copywriting calls readers to some form of action.

How Can It Skyrocket My Business?

Quality copywriting can skyrocket your business in a number of ways and ensuring all your copy is top-notch is a major priority for you. Professional Copywriters are some of the most highly paid writers in the world, because their skills are worth a fortune to business owners.

Your copy can make or break your business. This is especially true if you are exclusively an online business, or if the core of your marketing strategy is content marketing.

My focus as a copywriter is on blog copy. As a copywriter I work with clients to make sure their blogs are as perfect as possible. I help they harness the power of content marketing to boost their business and build a solid tribe. Different kinds of copywriting can help your business in different ways, here are a few ways your blog copywriting can skyrocket your business:

Copywriting Is The Core Of Growth For Your Online Business

A killer content schedule for your blog that consistently drives signups and sales is what good copywriting is all about. No matter what size your business is – tiny startup or Girlboss Empire – quality copywriting will grow it and continue to grow it.

Copywriting Will Enable You To Build A Dedicated Tribe Of Ideal Clients

Good copywriting provides your readers with value, especially if it’s free content in the form of blog posts. They are getting quality content for nothing and will come to know, like, and trust you as a result. Your copy will give you direct control over the manner of growth in your business. It will allow you to target specific people, your ideal clients, and make sure you have a tribe of people you want to work with, who understand the value of you and your business, and are not only willing, but perfectly happy, to pay you what you’re worth.

Copywriting Is The Key To Soulful Selling

Using quality content to build a dedicated tribe and grow your business is a more efficient, and far more soulful way of selling than other marketing practices. You aren’t out there on the hustle day in, day out, trying to get people you don’t know to buy in to whatever you’re selling. Instead, people will come to you. They will already know they need what you have, you won’t ever need to use the hard sell on them. They will already feel you have given them a great deal of value, long before they’ve handed over a penny. They will be thinking, ‘Wow, if her free content is this good, imagine how awesome that course will be!’.

Copywriting Ensures You Keep Your Promises

If you promise your tribe certain things, you have to deliver, or your business will crumble. Quality copy will make sure you never promise that which you cannot deliver, and gives you an effective, easy way of delivering on a lot of your promises through written content – blog posts, worksheets, cheatsheets, eBooks etc.

Copywriting Engages Readers And Directly Affects Your Bottom Line

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]The better your copy, the higher your conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the more profit you make.[/Tweet]

Whether it’s through an informative blog post, email marketing, or directly through advertising copy, the words chosen, the specific order they’re placed in, the emotions they elicit and the impact they have will all directly affect your readers. It will convert some to followers and some to clients.

All these elements of quality copywriting come together to skyrocket your business. Copywriting in an incredibly powerful tool for business owners and online marketers. It’s also very time-consuming, and requires considerable skill, which begs the obvious question…

Should I Hire A Professional Copywriter?

There are three sides to this question:

  1. Is writing your Zone of Genius?
  2. Do you have time to write your copy to the standard you need?
  3. Do you have money in your budget to cover the cost of copywriter?

These three questions feed into each other.

Zone Of Genius

You may be a phenomenally talented writer. But if writing isn’t your Zone of Genius, your time is better spent elsewhere. It’s not a reflection on your writing abilities, it’s simply a matter of priorities – your business will grow faster and become stronger if you are focusing all your efforts on your Zone of Genius and not worrying about trying to do everything else too.

Even if you could do it all perfectly.


As entrepreneurs we are all time poor. You might have the time to fire off a quick blog post each week. But is it really to the standard your business needs? Is it really the high quality you need to support a business plan based so largely online, and so largely on content marketing? What else could you be doing in that time, and would it better serve your business? A professional will give you copy for your blog to a much higher standard than you could produce in the same amount of time. Meanwhile, you can spend that time doing the elements of your business that nobody else could do as well as you.

If writing isn’t your Zone of Genius, it’s not how you should be spending your time (in business at least).


The money question is always tricky. Copywriters are expensive. There’s no getting around that. Good copywriting requires an investment. There are content mills you can go to that produce lots of copy for very little money, but they are full of pitfalls and should be avoided. If you don’t have the money in your budget to cover the cost of a professional, you are going to have to do it yourself – for now at least. But before you make that call, consider where your money comes from. If you weren’t spending a day a week writing copy, how much extra revenue could you bring in? By paying a professional copywriter to work for a couple of hours you free up three hours of your own time. Or a full day. Or anything in between.

How much do you charge an hour? If it’s equal to or more than the amount you would spend on a copywriter, hire a copywriter. Even if your hourly rate is less than a copywriter’s, it can still be worth hiring them from a financial perspective. You might pay them for two hours, but you’d have worked longer to achieve the same result.

Do the maths. Hiring a copywriter is actually extremely cost-effective because it frees up so much of your time. Time you can focus on your business and Zone of Genius.