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Crafting as super-successful brand is more than figuring out your brand colours and designing a great logo. A compelling brand has a consistent, authentic voice, and tells a truly compelling story. Storytelling has been a part of marketing since people first began wandering to the neighbouring hill forts and spinning exciting yarns about the exotic nature of their rocks in order to get more in trade for their goods.

Modern marketers have adapted these ancient traditions into the fine art of corporate storytelling and a huge part of that is your brand story. A strong brand story connects with people on a deep, fundamental level, helping prospects feel they know you and that you understand them. By harnessing some simple but incredibly powerful archetypes in your brand story you can become the hero of your own epic narrative and attract a dedicated tribe of fans.

Signature Services

A signature service is a huge brand asset, allowing you to put your own unique stamp of your core offering, distinguishing yourself from the competition and transforming your zone of genius into something only you can offer. Your brand is built on the strength of your unique brilliance. This is still true even if you’re working with the limitations of a market that is crowded with competition.

Finding a new twist on a tried and tested service, implementing a genius new method, discovering a more efficient or effective way of doing things, crafting an innovative system, or simply ensuring your clients get more value from you than anyone else is the difference between a brand that’s beige, bland, and utterly ‘same old’ and a thought-leading, pioneering, trailblazing business.

It all starts with your signature service, which is heavily tied to the story of your brand – how did you come to be doing this specific thing, in this specific way? How can you pour more of your own unique creativity and brilliance into this thing you do?

We’ll take the most popular offer you have and look at the unique skills, views, and techniques you bring to it. These will be carefully drawn out and nurtured, crafted into a rock solid signature service, and thoroughly outlined in a captivating story you can use to market the hell out of your service.

But the true magic of a signature service doesn’t end with the marketing benefits. It’s a source of multiple new income streams for your business, including passive income in the form of a book to position you as a trailblazer in your niche, and an eCourse to fully capitalize on your amazing new brand asset.

The true beauty of the signature service is its ability to capture both the ideal clients who want a ‘done for you’ service, and those who would prefer to learn your amazing method themselves. You effectively create a scalable income source that doesn’t rely on a time-for-money model, and convert more clients who would never have signed up for your service, but will happily buy your book, your course, and any future follow up offers you create.

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