Yesterday I shared the four awesome types of content that every blog needs. The one type I see consistently underused are Seasonal Blog Posts. Over the next few days I’m going to be digging into seasonal content in more detail, and today I want to give you a full rundown of the best topics to write about during the spring each year.

While spring is already well underway this year there are still a few things left you can do that aren’t tied to a specific date. More than that, a truly successful content marketing schedule needs planning well in advance to ensure it fully supports all your business objectives and – ideally – so you can batch you content and get it all scheduled well ahead of time, ensuring perfect consistency.

So whether you’re writing some last-minute spring content for this year, or planning your spring content in advance for next year, this post is for you.

Great Themes For Seasonal Content For Spring


An absolutely perfect theme for spring is Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. It marks the arrival of spring, and is a two day event to celebrate love, firtility, colour and the triumph of good over evil.

Really, what’s not to love here?

It’s also the festival you will undoubtedly have seen photos or footage of, at which everyone gets together and chucks coloured powder at each other.

That’s a viral behind-the-scenes video in the making!

The festival is actually split into two events. Holika Dahan, a night festival, which is followed by Rangwali Holi the morning after.

Key Hashtags For Holi: #holifestival #holi #colourfestival #festival

Birth And Rebirth

With the plethora of plants coming into bloom after months of barren winter, and the birth of so many baby birds and animals, it’s the perfect time to talk about birth. If that’s not quite in your wheelhouse (let’s face it, most businesses don’t naturally lend themselves to it unless they cater to new mothers or babies) think outside the box a little.

Spring is a great time to launch new products, as the financial wastelands of winter are finally over, and the sun coming out leaves everyone energised and ready to really get stuck into the year. Using the birth analogy for the launch of a new product or service is a no-brainer, with a lot of mileage to be found in waxing lyrical about how you’ve been growing something new and it’s finally ready to flower…

If that’s a bit too syrupy and hard to swallow for you (honestly, it’s a bit much for me) consider the theme of rebirth and the potential it offers. If you’re rebranding or revamping something spring is a good time to do it (I unveiled a major rebrand and this shiny new website at the end of April).

It’s also a great time to write an inspirational post about a time in your life you underwent a metaphoric rebirth, overcoming something huge to emerge stronger, more successful, more enlightened etc. If you can relate it directly to your business journey all the better!

Key Hashtags For Birth/Rebirth Posts: #newbeginnings #springhassprung #spring #rebirth #birth

Lent And Easter Blog Topics

Lent and Easter are obvious themes to pick up during spring. Even if you’re not Christian, the connotations of lent and the fact a lot of people will be celebrating both make it a good theme to capitalise on.

Key Hashtags For Easter Posts: #easter #eastersunday #easteregg

Pancake Day

By which I mean Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. If you’re eating pancakes get a selfie up on your social media, and if you’re feeling a little more ambitious you can share a recipe or other thematic post – it may not be relevant to your products or services, but it’s a good but of fun and a great way to demonstrate you’re in this for your audience, not just for yourself!

Key Hashtags For Pancake Day Posts: #pancakeday #chocolatepancakes #pancakecart

April Fool’s Day

The best April Fool’s Day story I have ever seen was the time the BBC ran a story, in all seriousness, about a great white shark heading up the Thames and inland.

It scared the ever living shit out of me (I have a lifelong phobia of sharks), and they even included showing a huge slab of wood with a big hole chewed through it – this was supposedly part of a bridge or something that the shark had circumvented in order to get inland.

I was glued to the news channel all morning, desperate to know what was happening and whether they’d caught the shark. Of course, the whole thing was a hoax, but damn if it didn’t give them an awesome ratings boost!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of this (it was YEARS ago, I was still a kid), but Stephen Fry did something similar and I was able to find that:

How can you play a prank on your audience that keeps them glued to your channel all day? Hint: Facebook Live is the perfect way to present this!

Key Hashtags For April Fool’s Day Posts: #lmao #aprilfools #gotcha #ohsnap #keepinitreal #sorrynotsorry

Earth Day

We’ve just had Earth Day this year and there was some awesome content knocking about. This was my favourite by far:

The world is increasingly concerned about ecological concerns, and so it should be! If you are in the health/wellness/nutrition business or anything that lends itself to discussing mother nature, this is definitely something to write about.

Even if you’re not, the planet is something we all need to take better care of, and this is a great way to inject a little of your personal ethos into your business.

Key Hashtags For Earth Day: #earth #nature #eco #naturelovers #nontoxic #green #allnatural #plasticfree #crueltyfree #ecofriendly #recycle #wastefree #greenbusiness #bethechange

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

You don’t need me to explain how to take advantage of this one – we see it every year as businesses the world over encourage us to buy their stuff as the ‘perfect’ gift for mother/father.

There is so much content around this each year that if you’re going to do it, it’s important to find a really different slant. Come at it from an unusual angle.

Key Hashtags For Mother’s / Father’s Day: #mothersday #fathersday #motherday2018 (substitute for the right year!) #fathersdaygifts #happymothersday

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