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Wellth Creative is run by the fabulous Kerry Brind, a fellow copywriter who needed to outsource her own content creation because (like so many entrepreneurs) she’s so busy helping her clients she seldom has time to write great content for herself. Kerry signed up for the Divine Blogging Design to cover all the bases while promoting her business. Dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs running health and wellness businesses of their own, her content schedule includes long-form articles, content upgrades, and social media marketing. In addition to writing all the copy for her content, I’ve also handled the visual branding and design on everything, as well as scheduling all content on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I crafted Kerry’s brand voice, check out my recent post #Wellpreneur Vs. #Techgeek: How To Write The Perfect Content For Your Tribe, which looks in detail at the vocal differences between two very similar pieces of content created for a very different businesses.

A Few Of The Articles…

Wellth Creative - How To easily Convert Readers Into Paying Clients Wellth Creative - 5 Simple Steps For Growing A Super Powerful Email List, Fast! Wellth Creative - 6 Mindset Issues Stopping You Reaching Your Full Potential Wellth Creative - 8 Super Simple Ways To Avoid Burnout Wellth Creative - How To Craft A Deep And Meaningful Brand

A Peek At The Content Upgrades…

Wellth Creative - Mindset Booklist Content UpgradeWellth Creative - Daily Mantras

A Quick Look At The Social Media Posts…

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Hazel is an author, copywriter, content marketer and blogger. She specialises in helping creative entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners harness the power of the pen (or keyboard!) to market their products and services through soulful selling. She's had several academic papers published internationally, and featured on sites such as The Huffington Post. In addition to her professional work as a writer, Hazel is also a fiction author. She has published several books and short stories, including The Uber Author Planner, Chasing Azrael, a Urban Fantasy novel, and Bleizgeist, a Dark Fantasy novella. Hazel has a regular weekly column on Sci-Fi Fantasy Network, and is currently working on her next novel, Death Becomes Me.

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July 31, 2018

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