Insight Executive Group

Insight Executive Group

Insight Executive Group brought me on board to give their website and brand voice a revamp, and ensure their website copy was fully aligned with their brand values, vision, and the continuing growth of their business. The existing site was lacking information on a lot of their core sectors and services, and still portrayed them as the small firm they were at their inception, rather than the international leaders they have become in the recruitment industry. I began by creating a brand new sitemap to ensure all key services were properly represented, and built their new brand voice around Insight’s values and innovative approach to recruitment. This meant focusing heavily on the people working at Insight, as well as weaving their networking and relationship-based approach into the copy wherever possible.

Rachel Collins, Insight Executive Group

"I’ve worked with Hazel before and seen her writing across different websites. I was impressed with how she can take a complex subject and make it understandable. Our Service descriptions were difficult to structure. There is a lot of overlap and finding a language that speaks to our two different types of audience made writing tricky. Hazel helped simplify the page structures and managed to write in a way that appeals to all. The creative process was complex! We had multiple stakeholders to consult and keep happy through the process. Hazel was incredibly patient with us. The quality of the writing was excellent, and Hazel captured the right balance of professional with personable. I love the way Hazel writes, and would absolutely recommend The Write Copy Girl to other entrepreneurs and small business owners in need of amazing website copy?"

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Hazel is an author, copywriter, content marketer and blogger. She specialises in helping creative entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners harness the power of the pen (or keyboard!) to market their products and services through soulful selling. She's had several academic papers published internationally, and featured on sites such as The Huffington Post. In addition to her professional work as a writer, Hazel is also a fiction author. She has published several books and short stories, including The Uber Author Planner, Chasing Azrael, a Urban Fantasy novel, and Bleizgeist, a Dark Fantasy novella. Hazel has a regular weekly column on Sci-Fi Fantasy Network, and is currently working on her next novel, Death Becomes Me.

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July 31, 2018

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