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6 Free And Easy Ways To Do Keyword Research

One of the major challenges of any digital marketing is trying to solve the riddle of keyword research. It’s one of those topics that can feel really overwhelming, partly because there are so many apps and solutions out there promising you the earth if only you hand...

How To Make A Business Book Part Of Your Content Marketing Plan

If content marketing is part of your business (or you want it to be) you probably already have a content marketing plan. You've probably already read a great deal about the concepts behind content marketing as a business strategy and the types of content you can (and...

Advanced List Buiding: The Cake Construction And How To Use It

A while ago I wrote an introductory post to List Building, list building 101 if you will. This week I'm doing a follow-up on that post, in the form of Advanced List Building, essentially list building 202 - an advanced post about how to use Email List Building for...

How To Grow A Dedicated Tribe And Build A Successful Business

There have been rumblings and rumours for a while now, but this week I'm beyond delighted to confirm that Divine Blogging: The Book will be released very soon. As those of you who follow me on social media, and several of my existing clients already know, I've been...

Are You Being Authentic Or Fauxthentic In Your Business?

Authenticity has been a big buzz word in the biz world for a while now. But how can you ensure authenticity in business, what does authenticity even mean? And are you truly being authentic, or do you just think you are? Are you, actually, being fauxthentic? What Does...

About Me

TWCG founder and head typing monkey Hazel is a freelance content writer, content marketer, blogger, and best-selling urban fantasy author. With 1,000+ blog posts and articles created for more than 300 happy clients, and over 2 million expertly crafted words written, you’re in exceptionally good hands.

When not chained to a keyboard or buried beneath a mountain of books, Hazel wanders the wilderness with her faithful King Charles Cavalier, indulges her inner Geek, and attempts to play the piano.

In a former life she was an archaeologist and lecturer at Bangor University.

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