Mission Statement

Here at The Write Copy Girl we really love words. Spoken, written, poetry, prose, you name it, we love it. We’re dedicated to teaching anyone who wants to learn the fine art of wordsmithery, blogging, and content marketing, as well as providing quality writing services to those who lack the time or inclination to write their own content.


Company founder Hazel began her career as a researcher and teacher, lecturing at Bangor University for several years while she completed her post-graduate studies. She built The Write Copy Girl from the ground up, envisioning a place where budding writers could flourish – both as clients and employees – safe in the care of professionals devoted to their education and development.

Stuff We Care About

We’re committed to running a Green and environmentally friendly practice, keeping our waste production and carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, and constantly looking for new ways to do better, and encourage others to do better, at preserving and promoting animal welfare and environmental health. Given Hazel’s personal experience with mental illness we are also strong advocates of mental health issues, as well as the LGBTQS community.

It is our firm belief that education is a right, not a privilege, and that all people, in all countries, of all races, religions, and genders, are entitled to as much education as they choose to pursue. To that end a great deal of our material and content is freely available, and scholarships will be available for all of our writing courses.

We dream of one day funding a new school and library in a developing country. Until then, we’ll keep doing what we can for our local community.