Christmas is coming! Whether you love or loathe it, if you’re a business woman you’re about to be consumed by the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for entrepreneurs like you. As entrepreneurs we know a lot of other entrepreneurs, and two questions are about to drive you crazy:

  • What can I buy my friend or loved one that’s meaningful? How can I show her how much I support her in her business, and care about her wellbeing?
  • What are the chances that my friends and loved ones will get ME something that shows how much they support ME in my business, and care about my wellbeing?

I know you’re going to obsess about this because I do. Every year. I struggle to find the right gifts for the people I love, to encourage them, empower them, and let them know I understand it’s not always easy being an entrepreneur.

Tis The Season…

I love Christmas, I love giving gifts, I love the colour and excitement, the decorations, I love the time with my nieces and goddaughters, their infectious joy…but oddly enough I do not (for the most part) love receiving presents.

The reason I agonise so much over what to give others is that I spend most of the year resenting certain people who just don’t ‘get it’. They think I sit around in my PJs binge watching Netflix, playing on social media, and never doing any work. They call when then need me, expecting I’ll drop everything and run right over because it’s not like I have a real job…

It’s not like I have rent and bills to pay, just like them…

It’s not like I lack the security of a steady pay cheque and need to work doubly hard to ensure everything gets paid…

It’s not like I have hoards of staff doing my bidding, or at least helping me do the bidding of others, to ensure everything gets done…

No. Because I’m an entrepreneur. And that’s not really a job, is it?

So Christmas rolls around and I receive gifts that reflect the extent to which the people closest to me do not understand me, or my life.

And that makes me incredibly sad.

I really do find it difficult to be jolly while being forced to endure people complaining constantly about ‘only’ getting a week off (I haven’t take a single full day off over the holidays in five years!). It’s hard to find the fun when you’re always the butt the ‘It’s okay for you, you don’t have a real job!’ jokes. And it’s a struggle to be merry when you have so many gag gifts taking the p**s out of your job, or items that you will never, ever use.

Letters To Santa…

My letter to Santa each year does not include sparkling jewellery and the latest fashions, it includes a virtual assistant, a web designer, a PR specialist, and a cleaner for my house.


Because I have no time to tidy, let alone clean my house, website design and PR are insanely time consuming and not really in my skill set, and I have a To Do list that is so long it frequently crashes Asana.

Writing is my zone of genius. It’s how I earn a living. I’m bloody good at it. The more time I spend doing it the more my business grows, the more my profile grows, the happier my clients are, and the more money I earn.

But running a business isn’t JUST about your zone of genius. You can’t spend all your time doing nothing but that one thing you really LOVE.

Or can you?

Outsourcing really is the way forward once you reach a certain point in your business. Initially, right when you’re first starting out, you probably won’t be able to afford to outsource much, if anything. You will be a one man band. You’ll do everything and it will kill you, body, mind, and soul. It’s worth it, as you will start to succeed, but the more you work the more you realise you can only go so far while you’re doing everything yourself. You have a limited amount of time. The more of that time you dedicate to working in your zone of genius, the better for your business.

But to focus on doing what you do best, someone else has to take over the other stuff. You reach a point where you have to outsource. You can’t continue to grow until you do.

The more you outsource, the more time you can focus on doing what you do best.

Every entrepreneur writing a list to Santa wants one thing: more time.

If you stopped and thought about it you’d realise they don’t need time, but help. Time is finite. Not even Santa can magic up more time, but he can give you help with that To Do list – someone to take over the jobs that AREN’T your zone of genius. The more help you have, the more time you free up.

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Entrepreneurs…

Running your own business is exhausting. It takes an astonishing number of skills: accountancy, marketing, web design, advertising, not to mention writing all the copy that goes with that and, the big one, blogging.

Blogging is a HUGE part of modern business, and it often gets overlooked. It seems less important than all the other stuff you don’t have time for. But your blog is the core of your website, it’s the foundation of any content marketing strategy, it will get you seen, heard, known, ensure you rank well on search engines, and build that all-important know, like, and trust factor between you and potential clients.

Your blog will give you a tribe.

But writing isn’t everyone’s thing. Every entrepreneur has a thing, a specific zone of genius. It’s the foundation of your business, your unique selling point, the reason you’re going to be a success…but it probably isn’t writing.

Maybe you’re not very good, or confident at writing. Maybe you are but you’re fuzzy on how blogging works. Maybe you know that in the hours you spend blogging each week you could be earning a lot more money. Maybe you don’t have the research skills to find all the information you need, or maybe it’s something you just really hate doing.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]If #writing isn’t your #ZoneOfGenius devote that time to your #UniqueGift and outsource your #blogging to a pro![/Tweet]

You should devote your time to that one thing that’s going to make your business soar. You know, the thing you do that nobody else can. The thing you do just a bit differently to everyone else but never seem to have time for because of the endless admin work that comes with being an entrepreneur…

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, read on…

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How To Give It To Them…

I got to thinking about what I’d LOVE to get for Christmas, what my friends and family could get to negate the teasing comments and put downs about my business, and show me they really do care. That they are supportive. That they believe in me and what I’m doing.

The thing I’d like most is for people to take the load off, get me a few hours with a professional web designer, to do all the things I can’t, or a month of Done For You PR. And I said to myself, “Self, if you weren’t a totally awesome blogger who lived to write, blog bundles would be right at the top of that list!”

So, as the perfect gift for entrepreneurial loved ones, I’m making my blog bundles available as gifts! Whether you’re buying one for a friend or for yourself, it doesn’t matter, every bundle sold in November or December will come with an adorable little typewriter soap!

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Entrepreneurs (And How To Give It) Lavender Typewriter Soap, Writer Gifts, Gifts for Writers, Novelty Typewriter

They’re packed with pure essential lavender oil and lush shea butter, come beautifully presented, and would make a gorgeous gift all on their own BUT they’re even better, because they arrive with the promise of a blog post, or two, of ten!

Written by me, on the topic of your choice, all my blogs are researched to the highest standard, crafted to perfection, and come with a snazzy heading, SEO optimisation, Tweetables, memes, and a feature and header image. Choose from my Bitchin’ Blog Posts or my Killer Book Reviews. They’re available as single posts or in bundles, and no matter what you choose, if you buy in November or December you’ll get a free typewriter soap!

And the best bit?

There’s ZERO extra charge! You don’t pay a penny in postage. Consider the addition of a super snazzy Christmas typewriter soap my gift to you – whether you keep it for yourself or give it to someone else is entirely up to you!