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Hazel Butler The Write Copy GirlHey beautiful, I’m Hazel Butler, the copywriting queen helping ambitious, soulful lady bosses all over the world build kick-ass businesses. I’m a best-selling author, blogger, and entrepreneur helping other boss girls improve their writing skills and use content marketing to further their personal and business goals. My signature blogging method, The Divine Blogging Design, is a special technique created specifically to enable entrepreneurs to tap into the psyches of their ideal clients and grow abundant businesses through blogging and content marketing.

I work with an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, empowering them in their businesses, giving them the confidence to reveal their true, authentic selves, and align their soul-centred aims with a modern business. I’m in the middle of penning two books, The Tao of Corporate Storytelling, and The Divine Blogging Design, to help you make the most out of your content, copy, and blogging. They’re packed with my own off-beat and quirky ways of using stories, archetypes, and your own personal journey to connect with your ideal clients, build a dedicated tribe, and grow a business you love. 

So, What’s The Write Copy Girl All About Then?

Basically it’s my mission in life to write. Writing completely transformed my life, both personally and professionally. I’m here to teach entrepreneurs just like you how to harness the awesome power of writing to do the same.  For those of you who don’t want to do your own writing but still want the magic of phenomenal copy supercharging your business, I’m at hand to write for you.

Think of me like your own personal muse

The inspirational patron goddess of your blog…

Hazel Butler The Write Copy GIrl Copywriting Services For Female Entrepreneurs

You’ll find I talk about goddesses and mythical stuff a lot. This is not because I’m a woo woo practitioner of voodoo magic, or anything exciting like that, but simply because of my background. I was classically educated in history, archaeology, and mythology. I’m also a fantasy writer.  I think in stories, some modern, some ancient. My approach to blogging and content marketing is that of the mythical storyteller. I don’t teach my clients to blog, I teach them how to tell stories – stories that happen to sell stuff. 

 Ever get THE ICK that comes with trying to sell stuff?

You know, the cold sweat that steels over your skin at the mere thought of making a sales call; the knot of dread that weighs down you stomach, making you feel like a cannon ball got lodged in your insides; the way you’ll do anything, even pulling the hair out of the shower drain, to avoid writing a newsletter; the way you vomit into your mouth a little whenever you send a quote or an invoice…

Ever get SERIOUSLY FRUSTRATED by spending so much time marketing and getting nowhere?

You’re literally chained to your social media accounts, you spend half your life blogging and writing sales copy, you hustle so hard you’ve given yourself a hernia and still, NOTHING. The leads you get go cold or run for the hills as soon as you talk prices. Nobody’s reading your newsletter. Your website traffic is a joke. And you owe Facebook enough to buy a small horse for that last ad campaign that went nowhere…

I hear you.

I’ve felt the ick. I know that frustration. I also know the hard sell isn’t the way forward. For the first couple of years I was in business I did what every other female entrepreneur does – I learnt about online marketing, took some courses that were supposed to give me a six figure business overnight, and poured my heart and soul into sales funnels, launches, campaigns, and endless strategies I was promised would solve all my problems AND help me find my soul mate…

Yeah… I’m calling bullshit on all that. I’m not going to dispute that I learnt a lot in that time or that some of those things are genuinely helpful, but they did nothing to get me new clients. They didn’t generate any business at all. In fact, all they did, was eat my time.

Like a hungry, broody, sparkly little vampire.The Write Copy Girl Page Divider

My business finally took off when I stopped focusing on everyone else’s story and started focusing on my own. When I got completely clear on exactly who I wanted to work with and, instead of spending all my time chasing after them, created a place they wanted to be. A place so filled with useful, wonderful things they wanted and needed that when I occasionally dropped a sales pitch in there, they gleefully jumped on it. 

I stopped wasting my time on marketing strategies that got me nowhere and simply did what I do best: I wrote.

I wrote a lot.

That’s my thing, that’s what I do. Writing is my zone of genius. Content Marketing truly is a magical strategy sent by the gods. It’s so simple, so effective, and it works no matter what your business is. When I finally wrapped my head around the concept that all I had to do to succeed was the thing I do best, everything fell into place. Now I’m here to make sure you get to spend your time doing what you do best. Whether that means writing the content that builds you the tribe of your dreams, or teaching you how to create that content yourself, The Write Copy Girl is a safe place where truly magical shit takes place…

The Tao of Corporate Storytelling: A Guide to Copywriting and Business Narratives by Hazel Butler

6 Random Facts You Probably Don’t Need To Know (But I’m Going To Tell You Anyway)

#1 I have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named after a serial killer.

#2 I have four tattoos and counting…I expect there to be more very soon.

#3 I’m a fiction author. You can find my author website here, and my Urban Fantasy and Dark Fantasy novels on Amazon.

#4 I originally trained as an archaeologist and have a BA (Hons) and MA in Ancient History and Archaeology,and Celtic Archaeology, respectively. I’m currently working on my PhD thesis which is exploring gender dynamics in late Iron Age and early Medieval Britain. I also have a certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, and spent several years teaching undergraduates and adult learners.

#5 I have a Fire Hand and enjoy getting my tarot read. 

#6 I once met Sir Terry Pratchett at a book signing in Manchester and he let me wear the infamous hat.

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