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The Divine Blogging Design harnesses the epic power or psychological character and story archetypes, to transform your blog into a content marketing powerhouse that’s perfectly tailored to your ideal client’s wants and needs. My signature blogging method has been specially designed to truly get inside your ideal client’s head, and hone your content and brand into an irresistible force of nature. 

How many hours have you spent struggling to come up with blog post ideas?

How many more have you wasted researching keywords that never hit the spot?

How often do you actually manage to craft a title that is seductively clickable?

How often do you even get around to writing a blog at all?

How many people are truly reading those posts?

And how good is the return on all that invested time?

Do your posts compel people to signup to your newsletter?

Download your freebies?

Buy your products and services?

Or is your blog just a big fat time vampire skulking in the darker recesses of your website, unloved and misunderstood?

Your blog is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. It can supercharge your business, build you tribe, grow your list, propel you up the ranks on Google and drive sales and site hits like nothing else.

BUT this won’t happen unless you’re blogging with purpose, vision, and most of all by design.

Your blog needs to be perfectly tailored to your ideal client to ensure it attracts the people you love to work, with like catnip to a playful tiger, and subtly puts off the type of clients you really don’t want to have to deal with. You need to get serious about your goals, and completely clear on your objectives. You have to fully understand exactly which subjects your ideal clients want to read about, and how often. You need to know when to sell, when to educate, when to entertain, and when offer your services freely.

You also need to do all that time-consuming crap:

  • Researching keywords that will actually work
  • Coming up with original ideas week in, week out
  • Providing consistent, high quality content
  • Crafting titles that your ideal clients simply have to click
  • Devising content upgrades that will evolve your blog into the mother of all lead magnets
  • Figuring out exactly what you have to talk about to position yourself as the expert in your niche

How much easier would life be if you had a perfectly designed, bespoke blogging schedule, complete with SEO optimised, seductively clickable titles, on a range of topics that were specifically devised to enchant your ideal client?

No more sitting around wasting time struggling to come up with ideas. Just settle yourself with a nice cup of tea or a cheeky glass of wine, and get cracking on the post that’s already been concocted for you. Think of all the extra time with the family… All the hours you’ll save… And most importantly all the new clients and leads you will generate with your super shiny blog schedule.

Life as an entrepreneur is tough, but don’t worry: all you need is a little divine intervention…

The Divine Blogging Schedule is available as a six, twelve, or eighteen month plan and includes the following:

  • A detailed profile of your ideal client’s character archetype, which goes far beyond anything you’ve seen before. This will include their dreams and motivations, priorities and lifestyle, as well as a breakdown of the specific areas they are looking to read about and how that relates to your niche. Each archetype is exemplified by a patron god and goddess. You will receive a separate profile for the guys and the gals, as we are psychologically a little different and need/want slightly different things. 
  • A comprehensive list of keywords and longtail keywords that relate specifically to your brand, niche, and the topics of interest identified in your ideal client’s profile.
  • A blogging schedule created using my signature Divine Blogging Design to determine which topics should be given priority, and how often you should post all the topics in your repertoire. 
  • One dazzling and utterly delectable blog post title for each week (6 months = 26 titles; 12 months = 52 titles; 18 months = 78 titles). Each title will be SEO optimised and will include at least one of your keywords/longtail keywords. It will be accompanied by a list of two to three additional keywords that should be used in the post itself.
  • Membership in my exclusive Divine Blogging Facebook group.

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