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How To Grow A Dedicated Tribe And Build A Successful Business

Divine Blogging: Divine Blogging: The Kick-Ass Content Marketing Strategy To Grow A Dedicated Tribe Of Raving Fans, And Build A Wildly Successful BusinessThere have been rumblings and rumours for a while now, but this week I’m beyond delighted to confirm that Divine Blogging: The Book will be released very soon.

As those of you who follow me on social media, and several of my existing clients already know, I’ve been working on this bad boy for a while now. November last year (National Novel Writing Month) was spent working on nothing else. This was highly unusual for me, as I usually spend NaNo on fiction – it’s my treat for spending so much of my time writing for work the rest of the year. But my fantasy stories had to take a back seat last year while I got this (mostly finished).

After numerous marathon writing sessions throughout November, I won NaNo (for those of you who don’t know, that means writing 50K words on a single book in the 30 days of November), but hadn’t quite finished the book.

It’s had a bit of work done on it since then here and there, but there are still chunks I’m refining. Even so, I’m happy enough with it to have set a publication date, and the first chapter is now complete and available for download.

If you’re wondering what it’s all about, simply put the book is my way of helping all the lovely members of my tribe who have been clamouring for a DIY version of my signature Content Marketing system, The Divine Blogging Design. Here’s everything you need to know…

What’s Included In Divine Blogging: The Book?

The book is divided into four parts:

Part One

Delves into the 12 psychological archetypes I use to create a detailed ideal client profile, and tailor content so that it speak directly to your perfect audience. Each archetype is represented by a God and Goddess from mythology to help you visualise their attributes and personalities. It looks at what makes each of the archetypes tick, what motivates them, and the effect that has on your business.

Part Two

Is all about structure, beginning with constructing the archetypal profile of your ideal client, planning your blog schedule, and the various components that go into a successful content marketing strategy. It covers the concepts underpinning core strategies that support your blogging efforts, including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • List-Building
  • Nurture Sequences

It also covers how to repurpose your blog content and use it in all of these contexts to promote your business, and drive signups and sales.

Part Three

Covers the nitty gritty of writing, from planning and research, to composing compelling headlines and calls to action, and penning the perfect blog posts, content upgrades, and lead magnets. Workflows and templates are included to really help you nail your writing.

Part Four

Looks at the final element involved in building a successful blog and using it to market a business: attitude. This dives a bit deeper into mindset issues to creativity, staying motivated, avoiding writer’s block, and self-care.

Release Date: 1st May 2018

Paperback: £9.99

Kindle: £7.99

Fancy a sneak peek? Download chapter one now FOR FREE. No catch, no tricks, just signup for your free copy and I’ll send you a reminder when the full version is available…

5 Simple Blog Marketing Strategies You Need In Your Life

Getting in the habit of writing a consistent blog is tough enough, but the biggest trap most entrepreneurs fall into once they’re nailed that part is what I call The Cornfield Paradox. Succinctly put, The Cornfield Paradox is the long-held marketing belief that ‘if you build it, they will come’.

This is utter bullshit.

Why You Need Marketing Strategies For Your Blog

Blogging alone isn’t enough, you need to actually market your blog to ensure people find it.

Now, you might be sat there thinking, “Hang about, I thought the whole point of Content Marketing was that you didn’t have to bother with all the other marketing nonsense!”

Don’t worry.

To some extent that is true. Using complementary forms of marketing, like paid advertising, is always a good idea if you can afford them. But content marketing affords you a complete marketing strategy that can be done without expending any money at all if you’re DIYing it, rather than outsourcing it to an expert.

What you will need to put in, is time.

Time to write, but also time to market. Here are five really simple blog marketing strategies that you need in your life (which don’t require paid advertising!):


Video is an insanely powerful marketing tool. The best way to ensure people not only find but engage with your content is to record it. You can do this in audio and release it as a Podcast, but you will get a lot more mileage out of video blogs, or vlogging.

Starting a vlog for your business isn’t as complicated as it might sound. And while there are some technical requirements you can keep these very basic.


When you’re writing your blog posts it’s hugely important  to make them as SEO-friendly as possible. This means researching and including keywords, including metadata and other formatting tricks, and learning more advanced tactics like topic clusters.

You’re going to notice video is a recurring theme here, because having a video version of your blog embedded in your post, along with the written version, does wonders for your SEO.

The Search Engine Gods like to show people multiple formats. If you have a post on the same topic as someone else, and yours is in video while they only have a written version, you have an edge.

The gods are far more likely to favour you.

Social Media Marketing

Sharing your blog posts on social media is a no-brainer. But there are ways of doing it to ensure it’s as effective as possible. Experiment with scheduling things in advance (just be aware that some sites, like Facebook, will penalise you for using any scheduling too other than their own…Facebook really sucks), repurpose the content in your blog post to create social media content, and don’t be afraid to share your social posts more than once.

Live Video

Social Media Marketing is extremely powerful but engagement can be an absolute bitch. Vlogging helps with this, but if you really want to rock your engagement on social media (and particularly Facebook) you need to experiment with Live Video (like I said, video is a recurring theme).

On days when you’re publishing a new post, hop on your favourite platform, go Live, and chat about something related to the topic. Tell a story, relate the subject of your blog to yourself and your audience. Don’t simply regurgitate what’s in the post. People can already read or watch that for themselves.

Give them something more.

I find it helpful to write a prompt for Live videos when I’m writing posts, and often hold little nuggets back from the main post so I have something relevant to say beyond the scope of the post.

Live is all about juicy little extras and conversation starters, so don’t be afraid to ask direct questions and be a little controversial.


All the fancy marketing tricks in the world can’t beat good old-fashioned networking. Find some key groups on social media where your ideal clients like to hang out, and share your posts in them whenever you have a chance. You will often find such groups have a designated ‘share your posts’ thread once a week or so. If the group rules state you only post on that thread, make sure you abide by it.

Visit the posts of other members of these groups and, if you find them genuinely interesting, post a thoughtful comment. It doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to be genuine. You will often find people return the favour. Some of my best leads have come from nothing but sharing a blog post in a social group, so it’s well worth doing!

If you’re really looking to nail your blogging efforts and transform your blog in the complete marketing solution your business needs, download the first chapter of my book, Divine Blogging now – IT’S FREE!

What The Hell Is Content Marketing And Why Do I Need It?

If you have a business, you already use content marketing, whether you realise it or not. But what the hell is content marketing, and why exactly do you need to be using it in your business?

The truth is, all marketing runs on content; it’s not possible to market a business without it. From advertising copy to product description, website copy to sales pages, your entire marketing strategy would grind to a halt without content.

What The Hell Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing takes this notion and expands on it, placing your focus on the production and distribution of incredibly high-quality, interesting, useful, and entertaining content.

Rather than content forming a useful part of your sales and marketing machine, content becomes the beating heart at the core of your business. The nexus around which everything turns. Any other elements of your marketing strategy are merely a means of promoting or delivering your content effectively.

Why You Need Content Marketing

The rise of the digital age is leaving traditional forms of marketing in the dust. Every year, marketing tactics that have been tried, tested, and used for generations are becoming increasingly less effective in the face of a world ever-more-obsessed with the Internet and technology.

The Internet of Things is the ultimate culmination of these two global obsessions.

If you’re new to entrepreneurship, you need to hit the ground running with a marketing strategy geared to the digital era. If you’re an established business owner venturing more and more into the online world, you’re probably coming to understand that there has to be a better way to market your business than the methods you’re currently using. And if you’re already hip to the content marketing revolution you probably figured out pretty quickly that creating all that content takes a lot of work, and a lot of planning – banging out a blog post every now and then isn’t going to cut it.

Digital Marketing is the way forward in business. And because content already forms at least part of every marketing strategy, Content Marketing is the perfect strategy to employ in a modern business.

You’re already doing (or should be doing!) most of it anyway.

You just need to know how to do it strategically. Fortunately, help is at hand! Download your FREE chapter of Divine Blogging and unlock the secret to my own signature content marketing strategy…

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